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I agree... Maid service does not announce themselves nor do they give you anytime to respond to there light 1 time tap on door before they are standing in your room. i went to front desk to tell them about this and was assured it wouldnt happen again only for it to happen the next day. So I asked to spoke with the manager who then asked me if i could put the do not disturb sign out.. Oh we were here for a month.... anyway I said then the room would not get cleaned. he then said can you put the lock on the door so they can not enter until you open it... I said why should I have to do that? He then said well I am confused on what you want me to do.. REALLY?? I said how about telling them to wait a second before they enter the room??? Give someone a chance to respond? Hello? His response was I will have the housekeeping supervisor knock on your door ech day..WOW is all I can say..

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