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Price Issue

Free Federal and State 9.99 I spent over 2 hours to file my taxes at check out my bill is 84.95, Basic 14.95 and State 39.99 each for 2 state.

-by (Feb. 18, 2015)

state tax not filed after I paid for it

I filed my taxes and paid for my state tax to be filed also. ..Never have gotten the accepted email from HR Block only to call the state today that they haven't recieved my taxes. I also filled my daughters the next day and the samething is happening to her. Did they really need my little money. Called several time to be answered by a machine and left on hold for 30 minutes for 3 different calls

-by (Feb. 4, 2015)

tax prep

I took in my 2011 buiseness taxes to be filed. granted that I was late filing, I expected a wait. however, that was at the beginning of april. they are still not done! the represenitive that was doing my taxes, I found out, is off for the summer, and NEVER even contacted me! since then, they have given me another rep to take care of the issue. now, my calls are not even being returned! this is the last time I ever use H&R Block!

-by (May. 23, 2013)

you suck

this is absolutely rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are still waiting on our refund and filed on Jan. 30 this is crazy. it was not amended or anything. I am using turbo tax from here on out.... h&r block sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-by (Apr. 3, 2013)

Upset and Irritated

This is the worst company every, I will not be filing with them again. They double filed my account and then my refund got pulled for review because of the tax credit and double file. They keep hanging up on me and give me the run arounds. Stay away if you want your money.

-by (Mar. 22, 2013)

as always excellent

as always smooth sailing had questions quick answers and right on the money....thank you...H&R BLOCK

-by (Mar. 4, 2013)

Terrible Experience

I recently file through H&R Block at one of their store locations. When all was said and done it ended up costing me 331.00 dollars to file. Thats insane, it will be turbotax for me next year!

-by (Mar. 1, 2013)

Tax Return 2012

I did my taxes on 2/8/2013 and I have not gotten an email that it was accepted or anything like that. My friends who did theres after me have there tax return already. IRS shows nothing on the website that it was being processed. Called the State of IL office and they indicated that the money was deposited on my Emerald Card on 2/26/2013l. However, checked the balance and my money is still not there. I keep getting jerked around everytime I called saying it is ok. I am going to contact IRS fraud department and report this. This is ridiculuous. I am never going to use H& R block again and I will not recommend it to nobody.

-by (Mar. 1, 2013)

Can't get help here.

I've been waiting for 30 minutes, both on the phone AND in the line for their chat service. It's been telling me "All agents are currently busy. Please stand by. An agent will be with you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. The next available agent will be with you as quickly as possible." for far too long. Really...? 30 minutes?

-by (Feb. 11, 2013)

Horrible never going back

I filed my taxes on the 30th of January with you and had a projected refund date of February 7th. The IRS hasn't received my return yet and neither have I! I have been a loyal customer for 5 years and next year I am going somewhere else where they a tuay communicate.

-by (Feb. 9, 2013)

Why were my taxes not efiled

1 week ago i did my taxes with you . Minnesota . and have not got a email that it has been accepted yet others have gotten replys 2 hours after they were filed that it was accepted . Now friends are getting returns back that filed 3 days latter then me .So i checked with the state for 2 days rthey have yold me that they never recived it and to check with my efiler that YOU . Have called you 3x now .You said it was the state but after i said the state said its on your end you said it was a problem and call back late friday This is bull i came to you a week ago and [and have come for many years to you ] My friends that filed 3-4 days after me already have there returns in there bank . Why did i pay and come in early and still have not gotten my taxes efiled 1 week latter this is bull give me my money back

-by (Feb. 7, 2013)

Customer Service comment

My husband and I had set an appointment on a certain day at 12 o'clock. We got there a few minutes before the time and we were told it would be about an hour before we could get to get started on our taxes,my husband took off work for this,he got disgusted and we left. The front office lady was professional,I don't know who's fault that situation was,but I can say there was a better way to handle the situation! Somebody should of called us to let us know and maybe get another time to come in. I believe what happened to us was very bad customer service.It caused my husband to lose time from work,which should not of happened because we had a scheduled appointment! We are very unsatisfied customers!That was unprofessional!

-by (Feb. 2, 2013)