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The prices at Goodwill stores are outrageous. I have actually found new items at Wal-Mart for less than they wanted for the used. I thought this was to help low income people. Since the items are donated, why the high costs?

-by (Dec. 19, 2014)

Poor security cameras and working personal

Getting tired of company "Blow-Off" treatment we're getting from Lose Prevention System. Very! Very! NOT! CARING -POOR-.

-by (Feb. 27, 2014)


this is the same manager that harass me as much money as I spend in the Zebulon rd goodwill

-by (Jan. 22, 2014)


This year, for the first time, my donation did not go to Goodwill. I drove 1/2 hr further to donate to a different organization. The Marshall, MI location used to be my favorite store, but an employee came on board there a while back, and I feel that she is rude and treats customers disrespectfully. Her cashier number on my receipt is 002704.

-by (Nov. 11, 2013)

Goodbye, Bad Management

VERY POOR management and customer service at one of the North Olmsted stores. Inconsistent store policies which are not only not posted but are "the policy" when the less professional manager is apparently having a bad day. Poor, unprofessional communication. This store's manager will be hearing from the Corporate Headquarters and, until she is able to communicate and conduct business on par with the standards of this community, will be invited to relocate elsewhere.

-by (Oct. 30, 2013)

What's Up With the Jewelry?

One of my favorite things to do in Goodwill was to rummage through the shoe boxes of jewelry. Now you have jar and glasses filled with the stuff you cannot sell with one or two nice pieces and have marked them $10 and $20, are you out of your mind. It is a Goodwill, these things have been GIVEN to you and now you want me to purchase stuff I don't want or need. And why on earth have you upped so many prices? $40 for a run of the mill terra cotta clay pot? Greed has closed down many businesses, don't think for a minute it cannot happen to your company. $40 for a clay pot, I went to Ikea and got a bigger pot with a saucer for $20. You are biting the hand that feeds you Goodwill. And no I will not round up my purchase so you can put more money into your pockets. UNLEASH THE JEWELRY!

-by (Sep. 20, 2013)

Store is dangerous

I was in the store in Lewisville, Texas this morning and while I was there about 10 glass dishes fell from the shelves and hit the floor. It's because you can't move anything without causing a landslide. The employess just throw the stuff on the shelfs and there is no order what so ever. It is the biggest mess I've ever witnessed. Thank God no one was on that isle when all that glass started to fall. There was broken glass on the floor in one of the isles with the dishes before the big crash happened. Even if you see something you want from the shelves you are afraid to get it for fear of causing another landslide of dishes. The games are the same order what-so-ever. This is the messest glass department I've ever seen. The appliances are just as bad. Things are on the floor and you can't even get down some of the isles. While I was in the store I heard about 3 crashes of stuff falling from the shelves.

-by (Aug. 7, 2013)

Unwilling to resolve issue

Yesterday 8/03/13, I shopped at the Colorado North Retail Center, 1070 Kelly Johnson Blvd,of Colorado Springs CO. I spent a total of $100.69 whiich was made up of a televion set, kitchen utensils, dishes, glassware and some stoneware. Upon loading my purchases in my car my shopping cart rolled off the curb and rolled over and as a result some dishes broke. the cashier employee was not authorized to refund or to permit replacement so the store manager was consulted requarding this problem and he would not allow or entertain replacement or a refund. It is obvious that such inflexibility Goodwill does NOT consider "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" an important issue.Therefore as a doner /shopper purhaps it is time to switch to donate and shop elsewhere!!!

-by (Aug. 4, 2013)

poor goodwill........

I can tell u why the good clothes don't come to the public. the staff goes thru everything first and takes all the good stuff to the consignment shops and make money. how sad. dateline news should get a hold of u plp. they would expose ur bullshit. how can anyone buy anything there that lives a fixed income. good will is suppose to help the plp in the community. what a joke.

-by (Jul. 31, 2013)

Price Guaging

Re: Seguin, New Braunfels, San Antonio,Texas locations. Tell me for a resale shop that sell donated items from consumers as well as items that are "bought" from stores to sell - why are the prices jacked up double if not triple? And when questioned or ask to lower the price for a sale the reply is "it just came out today, we can't lower it at this time." Especially when the item is dust covered and has the original price tag on it for 14.99 and it's priced for 12.99 ,or for a supposedly new item that a store has placed as damaged and priced at 29.99 and goodwill price it at 15.99 -c'mon! Here in the TX area goodwill has already made the news for their ridiculous pricing. I asked a mgr. "Why" are the prices going up? The reply, "better quality," FOR REAL!!! I understand the need to make money, but in a way this is conning the consumers who shop at these stores because of finances!!!

-by (Jul. 13, 2013)


No point of evening going to the stores now....every place around here takes all the good stuff at puts in on could live next to the store and instead of paying $10 for a box of DONATED FREE legos you now get to pay $100+ for that exact same box because some chump in another state is bidding on them.........

-by (Jun. 7, 2013)

No cash refund!!!

I bought a protable dvd player that goes into the car and it didn't work so I took it back 10 minutes later and instead ofgetting my cash back they put the money on my goodwill card. didn't use the card to buy it so i wanted my cash back and they refused and said they didn't give cash refunds. I don't even go in there that much and I will never use thier card that has my money on it.

-by (Apr. 13, 2013)

please improve quality of clothing

Our town is very poor. I believe the donations are being sent to other cities. We seem to have faded shrunk tops to choose from. The Humane Society sells the clothes by the sackful. The slacks are now $3.99 as are the blouses. 3/4 of our school children are entitled to free meals. The prices are too high. I constantly hear the bell ringing as cars pull up donating. Could the quality improve or the prices drop? Once we had some nice dresses. They were from Champaign store.

-by (Mar. 26, 2013)