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I was in the store in Lewisville, Texas this morning and while I was there about 10 glass dishes fell from the shelves and hit the floor. It's because you can't move anything without causing a landslide. The employess just throw the stuff on the shelfs and there is no order what so ever. It is the biggest mess I've ever witnessed. Thank God no one was on that isle when all that glass started to fall. There was broken glass on the floor in one of the isles with the dishes before the big crash happened. Even if you see something you want from the shelves you are afraid to get it for fear of causing another landslide of dishes. The games are the same order what-so-ever. This is the messest glass department I've ever seen. The appliances are just as bad. Things are on the floor and you can't even get down some of the isles. While I was in the store I heard about 3 crashes of stuff falling from the shelves.

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