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Phone Number:(205) 981-2999

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Score 1.4
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better cooking staff

I visited the Joes Crab Shack in Deptford NJ and ive never tasted seafood as bad as that. It wasn't flavorful and no seasoning. They definately need a better cooking staff ASAP

-by (May. 22, 2013)

Bad Crab Prep

I went to the new Joes in Deptford NJ and the preparation of the crabs were a digust!!! The crabs tasted very nasty, They should have better prep people.

-by (May. 2, 2013)


I took a family of 13 on a Thursday including 4 kids that had school the next day. The restaurant was empty. ..4 out of 30 tables. We waited an hour for food which we never received because the MANAGER stated everything was frozen and she was understaffed. Then to top off a HORRIBLE NIGHT, the staff had attitudes. BEWARE CONSUMERS!!!!!!

-by (Mar. 8, 2013)