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Phone Number:1 (800) 288-2747

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Score 1.8
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  1. Mon. 7:00am - 10:00pm
  2. Tue. 7:00am - 10:00pm
  3. Wed. 7:00am - 10:00pm
  4. Thu. 7:00am - 10:00pm
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Reviews For AT&T Customer Service (66)

Bogus Charges

I have been with this company over a decade, and I do NOT use auto pay for any reason! Every few months, or so I will get a bill for over $500 and they can't ever give a reason, just apologize and "fix" it to the normal amount after 30-120 mins of communications between different departments.

-by (Apr. 9, 2014)

Too Much Marketing mail

I have called ATT every month since June 2013 trying to stop marketing mail for Uverse. I receive at least 3 pieces of Uverse mail every week. The conformation number is just a way to get you off of the phone. I wish that I could find the ATT phone number for the office in India. maybe I could get some satisfaction.

-by (Apr. 2, 2014)

AT&T = Poor Service

You all just don't realize how good of a company you could be if you actually took care of your customers instead of taking them for all their money. Raising the bar on customer service would be an excellent place to start, because right now......this company is seriously lacking.

-by (Feb. 19, 2014)

horrible service

your customer service is poor all you want is the money, if there was another company available in this area I would can you immediately.

-by (Jan. 28, 2014)

This is not Customer Service

If you can ever get someone to take your call you are lucky. The operators are rude and could care less if they help you or not. Better just go in to one of their stores.

-by (Jan. 25, 2014)

Terrible service

They have terrible customer service and as high as they sevice is bright service beat them all around I will be changing my service

-by (Jan. 22, 2014)

bad deal

you cant get a live person, the system could not find my cell phone account that I've had for about a year

-by (Jan. 12, 2014)

good and bad

in 12/2013 my husband bought me a Iphone 5S with 2 years contract with AT & T. I also had an IPAD bundle. Since we bought the phone from Best Buy the local store in San Gabriel was not interested to help us at all in regarding to billing and technical questions. The rep there was only interested in selling us more service for TV so he could earn commission. Finally I called 1-800-331-0500 and talked to your customer service rep Mr. George Murphy on 1/6/2014., He was patient, courteous, and most efficient in resolving several key issues with my phone, also answered all my questions regarding billing in detail. If not for his good service I would have moved my service to another carrier since still under 14 days trial.

-by (Jan. 6, 2014)

customer care, really???

who in the world come up with the computer that u talk to when u call? at att u would expect to speak with a person a real person, the computer cant understand what u say , u have to say it over and over. that is very upsetting!!! att talks about customer service being big, well it is ,, big waste!!! im getting ready to do away with att and go to charter, I called them today and a real person answered the phone,, what a relief, it was nice talking to them, 5 stars!!!

-by (Dec. 31, 2013)


Worst on installation unable to reach a supervisor and then when I repeatedly requested a supervisor the phone conveniently became disconnected. Please back american customer service. Nobody in this department is from america. All forgeiners.No wonder we are falling behind in everything. We continue to sell out this country.

-by (Dec. 9, 2013)