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Poor customer service

I paid for my renewal for my membership at Costco April 2nd. I need the membership to shop, but it also seems I need it in order to keep my American Express card. American Express has now discontinued my card due to the fact the Costco has not, in 3 weeks, advised American Express that my dues are paid. Does my being a woman have anything to do with this?

-by (Apr. 22, 2014)

who at costco processes film now?

went to the bunker hill Houston texas location dont process Aps Film anymore 10/29/13- where in the costco system do I send film to be processed ?

-by (Oct. 29, 2013)

Mo Know TVs

I just purchased a Samsung Smart TV from the Myrtle Beach Store because of the excellent advice and service I got from (Mo tag) He was knowlegable yet not pushy. Because of his advice I made the correct choice. I did not want a smart TV but now glad I did, Mo also recmmended Wayne Summer ( not a Costco employee) to set it up Again great advice

-by (Sep. 12, 2013)

Obnoxious employee

I visited the Costco store in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan today. When returning to my car I saw a car with a dog in it with all the windows rolled up. The dog was in distress and I ran up and reported it to your employee "Lucinda" who was working the door. I asked her to call the police as I was sure the dog didn't have much time left as it was gasping for air. Lucinda gave me a condescending look, continued to chew the wad of gum in her mouth and then sneered at me and said she didn't have any police numbers. I told her to call 911 but she said she wouldn't do it. Other people began to gather and asked if they could help. Only then she offered to call a manager. which she did. The manager immediately went out and checked the car and then made a phone call. He assured me he would take care of it so I left. I did speak to Bobbi in your customer service dept. later and this a follow up to that conversation

-by (Sep. 5, 2013)

quality of gasoline, not

I have been using Costco gasoline for years. But that may become history. When you installed the gasoline additives and advertised Clean Power I was hoping that Costco would be added the national "" list of high quality suppliers. But alas you have not as of today. When will you achieve that standing to be on the Top Tier Gas list. The dealer of my car service department told me to not use Costco gasoline as it will damage the engine.

-by (Aug. 17, 2013)

Rasin Bread

Please bring back that delicious Rasin Bread you once sold at the Sierra Lakes Fontana Store. We noticed you still have it available in your Phoenix Az. Store. It's quality excelled above any other brand and we miss it!

-by (Aug. 3, 2013)

Special request/suggestion

Costco is one of my very favorite of all Stores. Their products are often some of the most unique and well priced. In all the years I've shopped there, I've never had a single issue returning anything I wasn't satisfied with. One question though, why is it that they don't offer a full package of those yummy Macadamia White Chocolate cookies? They offer full packages of Chocolate Chip and full packages of Oatmeal but not so for the White Chocolate Macadamia kind. I wish they would change their policy concerning that. Those are my wife's and my Favorite.

-by (Aug. 3, 2013)

product change

I have bought your pickled herring for many years and it it has always been excellent. I just bought a a 26 oz. jar of Blue Hill Bay, Item #954518, and it was NOT good. It had a different taste than usual and the fillets were too firm and chewy. You used to carry the same brands that the local super markets did but yours was a much better value. If you can't get the other brands back,I guess I will have to buy it at the super market.

-by (May. 20, 2013)

Change in cola soda at Food Court

The recent change in soda vendors is not one I like. The change from Cola in the food line was a bad choice. The previous cola company by far tastes better than one it was replaced by. I don't know what bought on this change but I am sure I am not the only one to dislike this move. I am sure it was a monetary move on the company but I always thought that Costco sold the most popular brand.

-by (May. 19, 2013)

Pressure to Donate

I was at a costco in Winter park. I picked up a balloon candy for my kid on Mother day. They told me I had to make a donation. I do not make donations at stores. They should not had the balloon out there for my kid to see. Needless to say they told me I had to make a 2 dollar donation. For the balloon and candy. I feel this is very wrong . You do not put out free stuff, then make people pay for it.

-by (May. 12, 2013)