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I visited the Costco store in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan today. When returning to my car I saw a car with a dog in it with all the windows rolled up. The dog was in distress and I ran up and reported it to your employee "Lucinda" who was working the door. I asked her to call the police as I was sure the dog didn't have much time left as it was gasping for air. Lucinda gave me a condescending look, continued to chew the wad of gum in her mouth and then sneered at me and said she didn't have any police numbers. I told her to call 911 but she said she wouldn't do it. Other people began to gather and asked if they could help. Only then she offered to call a manager. which she did. The manager immediately went out and checked the car and then made a phone call. He assured me he would take care of it so I left. I did speak to Bobbi in your customer service dept. later and this a follow up to that conversation

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