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Reviews For Advance Auto Parts Customer Service (14)

Rebate Scam

I bought the ArmorAll outlast tire blaze, it had a $5 rebate. I did it on line twice and one phone call. I got NOTHING. Advance lost a long time customer over a $5 rebate. Will NEVER shop with them again. The product is no good either.

-by (Aug. 11, 2014)

Its their fault you waste a quart of mobil1 but they wont do anything!

Bought the things needed for oil change and with the help of the store sales guy I receive wrong oil filter so proceed to change oil and fill new filter w/ oil . The filter is the wrong one and will not thread on ,I try twice, figuring it is just something I am doing wrong. So during this I lose almost a complete quart of oil! When I return to store to return improper filter the only compensation offered is a 25% discount on a quart of oil! 2 bucks!!!!! wow guess all my money will now go to Orielly and Autozone

-by (Jul. 22, 2014)

The week-end help can be very wild.

I was looking for someplace where I can review specific locations. The week-end help can be very wild.

-by (Nov. 8, 2013)


I worked at Advanced Auto for a week and received a pay card, I activated it today and was told it had a zero balance because my time was not turned in. I called several times at the store I worked at and left messages to return my call with no luck. Can someone at your level please help me

-by (Oct. 28, 2013)


I would never do business with these people again. My mother purchased a lawn mower battery from them and it did not last a year. Their customer service is terrible. They did not even care if the battery was defective. There a better companies that will stand behind their products.

-by (May. 29, 2013)


I would like to say the store in bartonsville pa, (8680)is great! They go above and beyond to help me. Brad is especially helpful. Whatever the problem is they try to help fix it. Awesome store and awesome employees! Thanks!

-by (Apr. 19, 2013)

customers Service

Deans Bridge Rd Store has an employee that goes beyond the call of duty. Al is his name and he work hard to help the customers that comes in the store. When I left that store, I was a happy customer. Not because he solve my problem, but Al work hard to solve the problem.

-by (Mar. 12, 2013)

Compliments to Manager

I went to the Advance Auto Parts store #02480 on 2/18/2013 a gentleman helped me named Kevin, I purchased a battery, wiper blades, a lift support string, etc. This person worked very hard helping me, as other people came in he greeted them while helping me outside with the battery was so nice and helpful. I have never been treated this nicely at an Advance Auto Store, you can really tell he enjoys what he is doing and is certainly a people person.

-by (Feb. 19, 2013)

misleading warranty

Purchases a bearing April 15, 2012 with a one year warranty. Paid a mechanic to put in on and one week later had to replace the same bearing. Took it back to Beckley WV store and exchanged it but was never informed the warranty then went to 90 days. Here we are in February 2013 with no warranty. Associate told us mechanic must not have put it in right (twice). Associates need to disclose warranty info at time of exchange. Will not do business with stores that are not honest with customers.

-by (Feb. 11, 2013)

assessment for auto parts job with the corp

seems long assessment with long dna like id number freezes.then have to repeat on "same "application,which seems a waste of time.and you didnt ask for mp3 other format resume file.yet mcdonalds has a service realted assessement for food which is just 35 da worked in aauto parts store and the main thing"event",or career info is numbers and recognizing parts.because you asked on question my car repair why long assessment hiding fact fo warehouse being noisy and physical job?

-by (Jan. 31, 2013)

Unusual complaint

To whom it may concern, it is important that you read this correspondent in its entirety.

On December 19th at approximately 3:45 pm I stopped by the Advance Auto Parts store at Old 41 highway in Kennesaw Ga. to simply purchase a headlight bulb for my vehicle. I entered the store where there were 2 associates working the counter. I do not have their names so I will identify them to the fact that one was a male and the other female.

Once free the male associate helped me, up to this point my experience at the store was fine. He and I went outside, my car was parked just outside the front door. He determined that there actually were 2 bulbs out, a fog lamp and headlight bulb. We then went back inside the store to look up the parts. Once the gentleman helping announced the name of headlight bulb the female associate called out and said something in the way of “ wow, that’s a $94.00 bulb.

The gentleman helping me then said are you sure and she replied yes. My response was that I knew it was an expensive bulb because I found it online for about $50.00 so I told him that I would only be purchasing the fog lamp bulb, which was about $7.00. The gentleman helping me suggested that I replace both, so I purchased 2. I then went out to my car and proceeded to install the bulbs, when one of the bolts securing the cover fell and landed near one of my pulley belts, landing in a position difficult to reach so I then went back into the store to seek assistance.

The gentleman that previously helped me was assisting another customer so I then ask the female associate did the store have a magnet tool that I could possibly barrow in order to extract the bolt. THIS IS WHERE MY EXPERIENCE COMPLETELY TOOK A 180 degree turn when she replied, yes and pointed out which rack I would find them on. I then said I was hoping they might have one that I could barrow. Without showing any concern or need to assist me further, she said no, so I then asked, well, do you have a screwdriver that I could barrow hoping it would do the job, she replied yes, BUT HERE IS WHERE I MUST SAY MY EXPERIENCE WORSTENED. SHE SAID THAT I MUST GIVE HER MY ID BEFORE SHE WOULD ALLOW ME THE USE OF THE SCREWDRIVER. Completely astonished by this, my reply to her was you must be kidding me, you are actually asking me to leave behind my ID for use a screwdriver one that I’m sure was valued less $1.15.

PLEASE REMEMBER DURING ALL OF THIS I WAS JUST OUTSIDE THE FRONT DOOR. She then said “PEOPLE RUN OFF WITH OUR TOOLS ALL THE TIME”. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how insulting this statement was. I then told her that I will not hand over my ID for the use of a screwdriver but I would leave behind a plastic bulb cover from my car, which I happened to have in my hand at the time. I then explained to her that the plastic cap from my car cost much more than her screwdriver. With that she then allowed me use of the screwdriver. I proceed back to my car but unfortunately the screwdriver was to short to reach the bolt so I went back into the store and said well I guess I will have to purchase one of your magnet tools, AND THIS IS WERE THE INSULTS CONTINUED. After handing her this very valuable screwdriver, one that obviously was more important than her customer. After taking the screwdriver she walked away still showing no concern for my situation.

I then went to retrieve the plastic bulb cover I left for collateral but it was no long there. The gentleman who previously assisted me noticed that I was looking for my part and announced, I have it back here. This came across to me as questionable as to why she felt the need to relocate my part in the first place. PLEASE AGAIN REMEMBER THAT MY CAR WAS PARKED JUST OUTSIDE THE FRONT DOOR IN DIRECT LINE OF SITE. I finally said to myself this is enough, I then stated I would be reporting this incident to your cooperate office and also that I would like a refund on the purchases I had made earlier.

I KNOW THIS SOUNDS AND LOOK LIKE YOUR NORMAL RUN OF THE MILL COMPLAINT BUT IN FACT THE REASON I WRITING THIS IS TO COMMEND ONE OF YOUR STORE MANAGERS. You see while I was outside the store retrieving my earlier purchases for refund. The store manager came out and immediately began to apologize for what I had experienced in his store. At first I did not want to hear what he had to say but I could tell he was very concerned and genuine in wanting to rectify what had occurred. He asked that I give him a moment where he then went back into the store, came back out with a magnet tool and I could readily see that he taken it directly from the rack. He worked himself to retrieve the bolt, which took him sometime to final retrieve but he did not quite until he did. I don’t recall his name but I’m sure you can find out. HE IS TO BE HIGHLY COMMENDED FOR THE WAY HE MANAGED THE SITUATION AND MOST IMPORTANTLY RETAINED ME CONTNUED CUSTOMER. AFTER I SHOOK HIS HAND, I PROMISED HIM THAT I WOULD CONTINUE TO BRING HIS STORE MY BUSINESS.

Thanks you for taking the time to read this through and I hope you will in fact honor my wish in commending this store manager.

Ray Burgos Director for Creative Service Kennesaw State University

-by (Dec. 21, 2012)


On November 13, at the Crown Point Indiana store on Main Street, I had the good fortune to encounter JOHN ROBINSON who delivered OUTSTANDING customer service from the time I walked into the store until the time I left!! My battery in my 2007 Chevy Impala had died and originally I went to Auto Zone to get a replacement and have it installed. The elderly male employee told me that he had a battery for my car but, wasn't able to install it because he was 'short staffed'..I asked him to call another store located about 6 miles away and the same story, they were unable to install a battery as well! I didn't know at the time that advance auto installed batteries and decided to take a chance and my husband jumped my battery again and we went to advance auto.. John Robinson greeted me with a smile, rang up my battery, and SMILING, took his cart of tools and CHEERFULLY installed my battery! I was stunned..It was dark outside and the temp was a balmy 34 degrees.. I cannot say enough about the Crown Point Auto Zone on Main Street for employing a wonderful employee like John Robinson! I don't know if there is a program that rewards outstanding employees at auto zone. but, if there is he deserves special recogntion! ADVANCE AUTO will be the ONLY auto parts store we use from now on. Thank You, Karen Ruehl Crown Point, Indiana

-by (Nov. 15, 2012)


I went into a AAP store today and I stood at the counter for 15 minutes while employess stocking parts totally ignored me. Then some guy comes up long after I stood there and the guy in the back walks to the front and checks him out then proceeds to walk towards the back. I yelled HELLO and he pointed he would be right back. Then he called someone else to come take care of me finally. I won't go back.

-by (Nov. 12, 2012)

price matching?

Went into a advanced auto today, upon telling clerk the store across the street had the same thing for less I was told to go there. How do they stay in business?

-by (Oct. 22, 2012)