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birthday surprise

Hung up on twice, explained myself. She said yes I hung up on you about to do it again...

-by (Dec. 3, 2015)

Not friendly, not helpful

My local Braums coffee machine has been down for 2weeks. An employee told me that 3people have tried to fix it. When calling customer service, she said they are waiting on parts. I ask how much longer, not friendly at all. Also not helping to get situation fixed faster.

-by (Mar. 30, 2015)

Can't get orders right

The last few times my family and I have went to Braums store #12 in Bartlesville, OK they have not been able to get our order right. Then when we tell them that this isn't what I asked for they look at is like we are stupid and don't seem to care. Really how hard is it to get a M&M mix? We get a Reese's mix. I will not be going to this store again and if I have problems with other stores I will quit going to Braums all together.

-by (Jun. 24, 2014)

Rude employees!

Went to Braums on NW 12th st in Moore,ok order was over $20. Girl at he first window was very nice, pull to the next after paying and the girl there slams the window open, no smile, no hi nothing! Starta to hand me my drinks, ask her for a cup holder and she rolls her eyes! Then pretty much shoves, my drinks in the cup holder to me, slams the window shut and comes back tells me I have to pull up cause they r waiting for fries, No one else is behind me BTW, she brings out my food its in one bag, First off I ordered a kids meal, they get there own bag, had 2 burgers and 2 large fries, I'm surprised the bad didn't rip! She was like sorry for ur wait, rudely once again, and walked off get home, food was pretty much just thrown In the bag, she also had no name tag on. I am a manager at Jack in he Box myself and my employees on my shift Do NOT treat customers like this, they r always greeted with a smile and a Hello, everyone has a name tag on, and the food is nt thrown in a bag. Only time I have ever parked someone was if we were busy and they ordered 20 tacos. I have never gotten a customer compliant, and don't plan on it, customers come first I like to make them feel welcome at my store so they keep coming bac.

-by (Aug. 27, 2013)

Lights Are On

Store #150 in Tahlequah, OK is running out of second chances. Why have employees picking up trash in the parking lot when the staff is already short-handed at peak rush time. The litter could wait, but customers have schedules to keep. I paid for my breakfast, then performed the ritual of pulling forward and waiting for it. After looking around, I realized the workers outside appeared to be upset and glaring at employees inside the store. I then came to the conclusion I may never get my meal, so I proceeded to leave and go to my job where I respect the customer...... and SMILE once in a while folks.

-by (Jul. 15, 2013)

Can't make a shake to save their life

Store #77 can't figure it out...someone teach them how to make shakes...always short changed and taste vanilla, regardless what flavor is ordered. It is ridiculous, and I may not be back...tired of getting ripped off.

-by (May. 4, 2013)

My Reasons For Going to Braum's

I have always enjoyed going to Braum's and was pleased when the little store opened. I saw that the cows were not given antibiotics or hormones and both the dairy and beef cattle were grass fed most of the time. ( I called Customer Service to check on the last item). I am now buying all my dairy products, chicken breasts and beef, (where possible) at your store. I have many health issues and my doctor has advised to avoid the above items that are added to most dairy, beef and poultry products, and only use real butter, and a long list of other things that seem to be helping with some of my problems. Thanks for the kind of products you sell and for the great service!

-by (Mar. 22, 2013)

Cold Burger

Maybe it just me.

I recently went into Braums, Store #140, in Weatherford TX to order a burger and fries. I bypassed quite a few of my favorite restaurants to do so. The lady at the register was pleasant and took my order efficiently. Now comes my concern/complaint. Before I even had a chance to pay, the order was sitting before me. Many might see this as extremely efficient. I on the otherhand immedate asked if the burger was hot, fresh, and sizzling. The young man that just prepared the burger just smiled and kinda shrugged. I untapped the burger while standing there only to be face to face with a lukewarm bun, non-melted cheese, and a rather lukewarm piece of meat. The fries were also not very fresh.

I sat down and took one bite to see if I could just stomach a cold burger. I couldn't. I asked a nice young man if I could speak to a Manager. He told me that he was one. I showed him the burger that was presented to me. He apologized and asked if I wanted a new one. I told him that it's ok...I just wanted home to know the kind of food served.

I took another bite and then just entertained leaving the burger, fries, and my drink on the table and walking out.

About that time, a lady about my age (also a manager) came up to me and told me she had fresh meat on the grill and would like to replace the meal. I said that would be fine "as long as someone doesn't spit on my food.". She said that would not happen in her restaurant.

Within a short few minutes, I had a fresh, hot, and yes, sizzling hamburger sitting in front of me. With some fresh fries right from the bin. The meal was what I passed up other restaurants for. The meal and service were exceptional.

What started as a disappointment ended as a well handled customer service issue.

The main reason for this submittal is that each customer pays the same for their order. My meal should be just as fresh as any other customer's meal. I doubt that my first burger would have ever been served to an Employee, Manager, Regional or District Manager, or Owner.

There are a mass of resurants around Braums. If customers come into your resturant, they have put thought into where to spend their money and already have your food on their mind. Please don't ever disappoint. As much as I love Braums, the thought briefly entered my mind to never eat here again. Why waste my money at a resturant that doesn't care about food quality or presentation?

Thank God your two Managers made it right...immediately.

*sigh* I never did order my shake to go.

Respectfully, William Hardin Jr 210-438-7584

-by (Oct. 4, 2012)