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Phone Number:1 (800) 877-1253

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I recently purchased two large amount items, I sent an email yesterday with no response. So I called customer service which I had to google for the number. To find out I would get rewards for my items whenever....nine times out ten when I'm broke. What I don't understand is if a customer is spent that kind of money, why do they have to wait for every for any kind of rewards. Today I will purchase another high ticket item from biglots only because its the closes place to me. But the rewards SUCK!!!!

-by (Jun. 24, 2014)

Great deals

They always have great deals going on. Get bet that. Also there a few things that I have only found at big lots.

-by (Feb. 14, 2014)

george crenshaw jr. owner

I am a contractor of big lots doing plumbing maintance at the north texas stores in dallas texas area. all the work we have done in these stores from june 2013 to august 2013 has not been paid for by anyone at the co. that big lots pays to do this for them. from then until now. the total is about $1800 to $2000 . its not a lot but for a small business owner its a lot. George' plumbing co. in Desoto texas will tell you not to spend any money in those stores until they do the right thing. Its those northerners doing it to the south again, the south is gonna rise up againt them again

-by (Dec. 6, 2013)

Low Prices.

The prices are very low and they have good stuff at very low prices.

-by (Nov. 27, 2013)


I recently purchased an item from the furniture department at the Big Lots store in Cocoa, Florida. Louis Arnold, the furniture manager, assisted me in my purchase. He was very knowledgeable about the item and was very professional. He was accommodating and polite to me and others purchasing furniture. He is the best sales person I have ever dealt with. I recommend him for some kind of service award from your company. I suggest all customers go directly to him for your furniture purchases.

His professionalism is an asset to Big Lots!

-by (Oct. 8, 2013)

Lay away on furniture.

Hi, I went in to buy a media fireplace that I had been seeing online for the past 2-3 months and was told that I could not put it on lay away. Is there any exception to this rule? I am on an extremely limited income and very much want one that I had been seeing and is now on sale. I would really like to purchase this item and am asking if there is any way I could purchase it by lay away? Thank you so much for your attention. Sincerely a loyal Big Lots customer.

-by (Nov. 11, 2012)

Store #1501 Zephryhills, Fl

I purchased a couch and when it was delivered it was not the correct one. I went back to the store got it all figured out will deliver the correct one in 2 days Sunday came and the correct couch is deliverd WRONG still the same wrong one. I went to the store to see what was going on. My couch was no where to be found. I got my money back but this was only after the assistant mgr who was not working but was there, made a rude comment to me and made me feel like I was lying. I want you to know I spent way over 700.00 that week-end, but I will never step foot in another big lots store again I feel like I should get my delvery fee of $50.00 back but I'm sure I never will see that money.

-by (Oct. 15, 2012)