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Phone Number:1 (800) 462-3966

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Score 3.5
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Excellent Service

I realized that the shipping address on my order was incorrect after reading the confirmation of shipment. Spoke with a very personable woman who told me of the status of my order and said that she would make every effort to make the correction. She would also follow up with me in a day or two. Couldn't have been more pleased with the response and efficiency.

-by (Oct. 16, 2014)

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-by (Jul. 1, 2014)

Thank You

We were effected by "Sandy" 10/28/12 and I have nothing but praise for Bed Bath & Beyond. They were one of the few stores that offered a 20% off entire purchase as long as you brought in proof from FEMA. They are still doing so. I can t tell you what a help this has been to us. I appreciate your store appreciating their customers. The storm bought out the BEST in your company. Thank you again and again. E. Mastriano

-by (Mar. 23, 2013)

A great cust. service person & review of college pick & pack

I recently had need to find an eight month old receipt from a bed bath & beyond store in metairie, louisiana. MANY, MANY thanks to Mike, who went above and beyond to collect the data, called me back multiple times, and ensured that had what I needed. Oh, by the way, everything from the college pick & pack setup went well, and continues to be great for my son in his college. THANK YOU, MIKE & BB&B

-by (Mar. 13, 2013)

Helpful Employee

In December of 2012, I was in your store at the Trade Zone Mt. Olive, New Jersey. A young gentleman by the name of Mervyn went beyond in helping to find a puzzle that was completely sold out at that store. He made several calls and had the item put aside for me . He is a great asset to your Bed Bath and Beyond team. Thank you again made my New Grandson very happy for the holidays.

-by (Feb. 28, 2013)

great workers

2 Ladies in your Mentor Ohio store gave my wife and i great custumer service on friday Feb 22 2013 There names were Kim and Loretta.. Great job

-by (Feb. 23, 2013)

Return with gift receipt

I was given gifts with gift receipts for $168.00 which I needed to return to Bed Bath and Beyond. Wrong color, style and not needed bathroom stuff, really ugly! I had the gift receipt for each item but was denied a cash refund, denied a gift card and actually insulted and laughed at because I had the gift receipt..."her son knew she was going to return this stuff and that is why she has the receipt". Do I need this from your employees? I do shop for small items at BB&B but the $168 will take years to use as a credit, Every time I try to buy a little item I will have to take my paper tape (if I don't lose it) to the manager for 15 minutes of insults and photo ID to spend $5.00. I feel I have been ripped off by BB&B. Look at Macy's refund policy and buy there. BB&B stinks.

-by (Jan. 24, 2013)

Never shop at the Hamden, CT store

I will never, ever step foot in the Hamden, CT Bed bath and Beyond. There is never anyone on the floor to help find anything in the store. The managers have nasty attitudes and I don't need it. They need to treat customers correctly, since were the reasons the store is open. If there aren't any customers, no money and no store. The lines are to long and there never is enough cashiers to ring out the customers. The whole store need to be revamped starting with the managers. I walked out one time, because I there weren't anyone to assist me. Bed Bath and Beyond Hamden CT, need to go Beyond. Never, ever shop at this store.

-by (Dec. 20, 2012)

Manager attitude

On 10/12/2012, I Was in the Columbia Heights,DC store. I went in to buy a comforter. I had a backpack with me and the manager and the manager asked me did I need help to which I replied I did not. After that I looked at the comforter, realizing I needed more money I was going to the ATM at the the target next door. The manager followed me to the front of the store eyeing the backpack. As I went to leave the store the manager asked if I had found everything alright, I replied I had but needed to go to the ATM at target for money. As I answered him he was trying to see if I had put anything in the pack. I went next door got the needed funds as came back to get the comforter. After getting the comforter I proceeded to the register, as I was walking to the register with the comforter he came up alongside me again and asked had I found everything alright once again eyeing my pack watching me until I was at the register. Once I was at the register he went and talked to door security. When I got to the door, security asked to see my receipt. As I had a number of receipts in my pocket it took me a minute to find the latest receipt, while I was looking for the correct receipt the manager came over and asked since I seemed to be having a problem what had I paid for the comforter. I found the receipt at that moment as he again eyed my pack.

I did not feel wanted his store and will not be in that store again. I have been to many BBB's throughout the country with a pack and have never been treated this way or asked for a receipt when security or the manager has watched me check out. That manager definitely needs a course in customer relations.

-by (Oct. 12, 2012)


The Perimeter Store in Atlanta, Ga is the only one I love.

Mark is fantastic. Outstanding and goes above and beyond to help the customer.

The employees in this store are great, always very helpful. Each and everyone of them. I cannot say this about, the one near Lenox and Cumberland, although one girl in Linens was great. You carry a large variety of things and I visit at least once a week and also purchase each time.

Mark showed me some wonderful towels and let me tell you the brand he showed me is better than any towel I have ever owned. Plush.

As I said and my reason for writing is to tell all how wonderful Mark is and his staff.


-by (Oct. 9, 2012)