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Phone Number:(800) 201-0938

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Reviews For Minute Clinic Customer Service (8)

Terrible Billing Deparment

2 hours and 6 minutes on hold with the billing department. They never picked up. I don't believe they actually have anyone working in this department. That's okay, I won't pay them the money they want since they failed to actually bill my insurance. Come after be buck-o's, because my lawyer is dying to file a class action against you because we know I'm not the only one you guys are screwing up and then threaten.

-by (Nov. 25, 2014)

3rd Times a Charm ??

I have called three times to resolve an issue and keep getting told that I will be contacted by a manager. I have yet to recieve a call. This is unacceptable and I would think twice before going to these quacks.

-by (Oct. 30, 2014)

Very poor service

Over 30 minutes on hold to discuss a billing issue. I cannot get through to anyone. Will take my business elsewhere. I am not paying a bill for a flu shot that Medicare has paid. Double billing?

-by (Oct. 14, 2014)


Thought they could save me a little cash. Charged me more than my doctor office. I had two insurance filed and they still sent me a bill for even more money. They said I was fine, 2days later I was put in the hospital. I have refused to pay the bill. This is the biggest scam ever. Don't waste your time or money. Cheaper and better to go to urgent care or we. I will never go back. Worse experience of my life.

-by (Sep. 16, 2014)

Over charged

I was charged twice for the same test. Every time I tried to call MinuteClince about my statement (866) 389-2727 option 2, there was at least a 10 min. wait and then the call was picked up by the Medical Records Dept. then transferred to billing where I continually waited for 20 mins. with no success in talking with anyone. There is no way to enter option "2" on the phone.

-by (May. 7, 2014)


They owe me $80.00 from 2012 and I still have not received the refund check despite their "attempts" to release the check. I've currently been on hold for 60 minutes waiting to speak with someone.

-by (Apr. 23, 2014)

Bad Diagnosis TWICE

They missed a sinus infection; said I had a cold. Had all the "typical" symptoms for the sinus infection. Went back 1 week later with my throat "on fire" thinking they would prescribe an antibiotic. They prescribed an inhaler - I don't have asthma. The specialist said they should not be practicing medicine. I won't go back.

-by (Mar. 1, 2014)

My first visit to a CVS Minute Clinic ...

Bad. Very disappointed. I will never go to a Minute Clinic again. $80. to tell me I would need to see a specialist. I was very specific about what I was visting for, and didn't feel temperature, and high blood pressure check had anything thing to do with my visit.

Richardson, TX.

-by (Apr. 8, 2013)