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counterfeit bill

was given a counterfeit bill and Dollar tree refuses to replace the fake 20 there cashier gave me.

-by (Apr. 14, 2015)

Dollar Tree Store

Spent time going to local store, cannot talk to a leadership person on corporate level, will not pay $25.00 processing fee, Bleach ruined the rug in my car. No one wants to listen to a complaint or do anything about it.

-by (Oct. 2, 2014)


I object to their policy of collecting a dollar from customers under the pretext that the money aids in buying school supplies for the children of veterans. In actuality, the dollar you donate is mostly profit for the store. you pay a dollar, the pencils cost the company maybe 20 cents. your 80 cents is profit.

-by (Aug. 19, 2014)

Store # 2284, Beaverton OR

I fiund everything I was looking for and an employee walked the aisles with me to find the one item I was having a hard tme locating. Employess were helpful, friendly and professional.

-by (Dec. 28, 2013)

you company service is sorry

I have tried to call you customer service 4 different days and can't get to leave a voicemail and can't get hold of a live person. I'm going to the twitter and facebook and post how sorry all of you company does not want to take care of them how you's lie and mislead the customers your pay is cheap. So you get what you pay for Just as we do you sale junk and rotten food and damage products and make millions and can't afford a answering service maybe all of ya'll need to lower your standards of living to what most of your customer and employees standards and try to pay your bills on what you pay the employees. pay them more and they will give you better service. and you answering service will not take any orders or customer comments so How can you stay in business when you can't afford to fix your answering service?

-by (Sep. 16, 2013)

A complaint about asst Manager

You have an Asst Manager in your Victorville Her name is luisa I have meet a rude person my life but there is a Mexican cashier dont know her name very friendly Polite always giving 100 + customer service and its seem that everytime i go in there always demanding her to do things and when the Cashier needs HELP its seems she wants the Cashier to HURRY up Because other workers are BUSY Cashier looks stress but is still fast and effciant I dont feel that its is right for her to HURRY up when there is back up I feel that the Asst Manager should in a smaller store because cant handle this store Thank you

-by (Sep. 10, 2013)


Guess you get what you paid for applies! Bought wildflower mix and all I found int he box was SAND...for $1 -small box versus 40 pound of sand I can purchase for $3 Granted it is just a dollar , but i can't just throw away dollars....

-by (Jul. 30, 2013)


Went to a dollar tree to get Balloons that I always get there for all the Party's we have. Got one gradation Balloon for my grandson. I spent 33.00 dollars went to my car right out side the store. Putting my bags in the car and turned around an the balloon was flying away in the air. I went inside to tell them and they said I could buy another one but they cant give me another one. I said you have got to be kidding, and he said it again, I asked for the manager he said he was the manager, I said I want the other one in the room talking on the phone. He said he cant talk to me now. All of a sudden they man helping me pulled out his wallet and said he would pay for the balloon. I said thank-you and said you need to get your money back from the company. OK, I go home and keep windows up so the balloon keeps in the car. I get home open the door and it happened again. The balloon had come off of the string again. got to safe this one from flying away. Some one needs to talk to the stores about this matter cause its just not right what happened to me. The store is in Antioch, CA on Deer Valley and Hill crest in the Safeway shopping center.

-by (May. 27, 2013)

A Joke

As I shopped I had to listen to a guy sing . Couldn't carry a note I could not wait to get out of the store . All of the other workers work not singing but freindly not the singer . Ya'll need to get him to follow the rest of the workers at your Almeda Store

-by (Apr. 11, 2013)

Poor customer service

I shopped at your Waldorf MD store on 4/3/13. There were two registers operating and about twenty people in each line. What kind of customer service is that?

-by (Apr. 4, 2013)


Last evening I bought 11 items at store # 35. When I got home one of the items was not in either of my bags. I searched the casr to make sure it had not fallen out. It was too late when I got home to go back to the store. I went first thing this morning. When I spoke to the manager she would not refund my money or give me a credit, or relace the item because she said that it was not still at the cashiers booth. That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. That trip cost me more than $1.00 because of the time and gas involved. This was the fault of the store because they did not check to see if they had put all my items in the bags and there were only two bags. I think they but the item in the bag for the next customer, or maybe reshelved it. My intention is to not shop there and to turn them in to the Better Business Bureau. They give piss poor service most of the time and have not regard for how many people are standing in line to pay. I will take my business elsewhere. All this could have been avoided with a minumum of customer service. ABout have the time they are out of the items needed anyway. I think this company is a bunch of crooks in my opinion!

-by (Mar. 21, 2013)

Need resolution

Bought several items for a shower then did not use all items. Took unused items back to store for refund which was not in my area because no store close to my house. Manager said store policy can,t refund only give store credit but I didn't want a store credit because I don't need or use dollar tree. Normally not convenient to shop there Please advise. Thanks.

-by (Mar. 3, 2013)

No Bread At the Lancaster California since 2/20/13

Hi our dollar tree had bread service, is it over will we have bread any more the bread man has not come since Wednesday February 20, Manager says a lot of people have been asking about bread. Thank we want to keep our service at the Lancaster, California office at Chandler Way and Avenue J. zip code 93535 Thanks.

-by (Feb. 25, 2013)

Piss poor policy.

Wow....what a rude group of people!!!!!!! this place should be closed to the public. I don't care about the $13.00 dollars but I will say this if I send someone to buy something and its not right and he goes back five minutes later and they dont have what we need, well they should give a credit on that. Keep up the great customer service Dollar Tree at this rate we will not have to write many more of these before your closed.

-by (Dec. 20, 2012)

OSU customers not wanted

Went to store to make purchases. When we walked through the door we were told by a checker that we were in the wrong territory. We turned around and left immediately. The only thing we could think of was were going to the Oklahoma State University football game, and my wife was wearing a OSU sweatshirt, and I was wearing a OSU hat. We will not be going back to that store again. If they do not want OSU customers in the store put a sign on the door. A former customer

-by (Oct. 27, 2012)