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Phone Number:(877) 750-0089

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I have ordered 2 large catering lunches in the past 2 wks. Maria did an excellent job of every detail of my order from answering my questions to having the order ready and correct. My customers very pleased with the food both taste and selection. Thanks !

-by (Nov. 11, 2013)


When we arrived the lot was full and the drive thru was empty.. We pulled up and the lady on the speaker kept talking to her coworker and swearing and never answered us. Then we pulled up to window and honked only one person noticed us and didn't come to window. I tried calling this local # afterwards to talk to manager and nobody answered.

-by (Oct. 13, 2013)


When i arrived at the location we were attended in a well manner. But we we went to go sit down about 10tables were dirty no where to sit! And people were waiting for tables to clear up. I asked some girl who was just standing around poking at her pimples to please clean a table then she cleared one nd stood around never doing nothing to clear up other tables. People started to clear them out them out on thier own she kept standing around on her phone

-by (Feb. 10, 2013)


You have eliminated the regular club and the ham and cheese sandwiches. The only choice now is, chicken or chicken if you don't want pasta. Chicken club or Chicken Basil sandwich? Really? I have to also say that what you did with the soup is unbelievable. You start off with a chicken broth and then add whatever vegetables that you have on hand. The green peppers don't even belong in there. The wedding soup is a joke. When I said I didn't like the taste of the other soup and I would like to try the wedding soup, she asked the cook if she should save the broth to reuse it. The wedding soup consisted of a lot of green stuff (spinach?) and two regular size meatballs. Needless to say, I won't be buying soup there again!

-by (Jan. 2, 2013)