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Review for: CVS in Largo, FL

Calling from Dr office

No one has answered the phone since this am. Trying to call in script. Patient not happy!

-by (29, June, 2015)

Review for: CVS in Baltimore, MD


The bathroom was disgusting. My child had to go badly and was scared to go because it stunk and was so filthy. Trash was everywhere, sink was as dirty as the toilet. The staff are always friendly is the only good thing i can say nice.

-by (08, May, 2015)

Review for: CVS in Ripon, CA

Lousy customer service

Lousy customer service in pharmacy at cvs in ripon ca. Drive to one of the competitors.

-by (30, December, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Pittsburgh, PA

Worst CVS I've ever experienced

The short version: they text me that my rx was ready, got there which is about a 15-20 minute drive, and they said 15 more minutes...an hour and 20 minutes later I finally got my inhaler. Their excuse? They weren't busy at the old store and now they are. Well with service like this they won't be for long. This is the second time I've had an abnormally long wait time.

-by (30, December, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Fair Oaks, CA

good store but

good store to shop in but getting to the door sometimes can be a problem. As occurred today when i dropped my wife off in front and as she tried to go inside a person stopped her and asked her for money, she said no and he swore at her. Need more security

-by (01, December, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Garden City, MI


Worst customer service in the area. Pharmacy staff is horrible.

-by (12, November, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Livonia, MI

Taking my prescriptions elsewhere

To keep it simple, always a problem with pharmacy, from the techs to the pharmacist, sad.....

-by (20, October, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Brandon, FL

Great experiences

I just want to mention that every time I have come to the pharmacy, the staff is always very nice and friendly. I have never had a bad experience with anyone here. They always give me the correct advice on my scripts and make sure I don't have any concerns. Thank you pharmacy staff for always being there to help.

-by (04, October, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Miami, FL


Great service and the best employee in CVS.

-by (01, August, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Schnecksville, PA


Everyone at this CVS is very helpful and polite. I love coming here because I know someone is always willing to help me if I need it. The staff is very nice as well!

-by (06, July, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Queen Creek, AZ


I love this store, everyone is so nice and helpful, I like going there cause Im in and out and the store is very clean.

-by (26, June, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Dearborn Heights, MI

Can't get thru ur ph line 2 call my prescriptions.

Can't get through your phone 2 call in my prescriptions. All it does is ring.

-by (17, June, 2014)

Great Staff

This cvs has improved phenomenally... the new manager and the staff is great amd friendly. .. would definitely come back

-by (02, June, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Riverview, FL


The pharmacy is slow, short staffed. Never hardly gets your medication in the computers. Have a meeting and get it together. Will be changing pharmacist.

-by (09, May, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Lower Makefield, PA

not the best experience

Most of the staff is pleasant. However, I was not pleased with the manager on duty. She embarrassed the cashier in front of me by pointing out a mistake she had made in a nasty tone. I felt horrible for that poor girl.

-by (12, April, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Setauket, NY


The pharmacy here is terrible it takes hours to get a prescription. They tell you an hour and that they will call you it took three hours!!!

-by (12, April, 2014)

Review for: CVS in South Attleboro, MA

Pharmacy hours thumbs down

Pharmacy hours are very limited. The hours listed on the site are incorrect.

-by (16, March, 2014)


Worst service ever. Always too busy to help. Always with the I'll be with you shortly.

-by (27, January, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Houston, TX

Worse Pharmacy ever

I just switch to a different Pharmacy location. will never do business with this one ever even it close to home.Rather drive further than this. Slow refile your prescriptions.Bad management better close the pharmacy and just remain a convenient store.every time a different employee at pharmacy. Drive thru expect to spend 20 mn or so may be more.

-by (14, January, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Milford, CT

Great Pharmacy

i have found that everybody in the pharmacy area is very knowledgeable and if they know before they tell you anything they will look it up online or check with the pharmacist they all show that they care about me as a person they make me belive i matter

-by (07, January, 2014)

Review for: CVS in Zephyrhills, FL

Pharmacy Nazi

My script runs out tomorrow so I picked up my paper from the doctor. when I tried to fill it, the pill Nazi said it was too soon and to come back tomorrow. I am so angry! As if I didn't have enough grief with the type of meds I take, I now have to deal with a lazy ass wanna be pharmacist .

-by (30, December, 2013)

Customer Service at CVS/Headland

This CVS pharmacy is one of the worst. Their customer service sucks! These people are so unprofessional. Maybe they should start over with people who appreciate a job and understand customers pay their salary.

-by (23, December, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Lakeland, FL

Worst Pharmacy!!

Will not be returning!! They screw my meds up everytime and even gave me someone else's prescribtion before!!

-by (17, December, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Glen Oaks, NY


Pharmacist is very helpful. Very efficient service. I will recommend this pharmacy

-by (04, December, 2013)

Review for: CVS in North Andover, MA


Service at checkout was beyond poor. Clearly two checkout lines, I stood in one line and my cashier Gail kept ignoring me and taking clients from the other line. I stood there for about eight minutes and she acknowledged me after I said something. I ha a much better experience at a 24hr cvs that is ten times as busy and they have a much more organized line assignment. Fix the checkout process!

-by (25, November, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Covington, KY


I love the store they have really great products it's just that the prices are a little but to high!!!

-by (23, November, 2013)

The Pharmacist and his staff!

This CVS is the BEST! David and his team are always taking care of their customers, making sure when you leave all your questions have been answered, whether by him or his team! Thanks guys for all the great work ya'll do!

-by (05, November, 2013)

Beware: Compare Prices

They wanted to charge me $104 for a generic prescription that I got for $9.57 at Costco. When I asked why there was such a large discrepency, I was told "these are CVS prices." In fairness, they did offer to meet Costco's price, but it was easier to get it at Costco than have to haggle over my prescriptions every time I wanted to fill one. I was also told that CVS policy is to meet Costco prices when a customer complains! So I suggest you I do comparison shopping before using any CVS pharmacy.

-by (31, October, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Sunrise, FL

Store Overall

Excellent service at all times

-by (29, October, 2013)

terrible night service

older lady who works at front counter at night is very rude and grumpy. she made me move so she could vaccum the aisle i was standing in & complained about where i was standing even though she seemed to be doing all the aisles and i was the only person on the store. why make me move? why not do another aisle first? then when i checked out I politely said that I needed to give my phone # cuz I didnt have my card and she said "well why don't you wait for me to ask you for it first?" then said I would not get any discounts or rewards with number alone. which is not true! I walked away without buying anything & went to the kingston location instead.

-by (24, October, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Whitmore Lake, MI

treated consistently rude

Stopped going there years ago bc the staff is rude. In general I do not go on line a post reviews but I had to go the this pharmacy today because my pharmacy was out of my medicine. I thought what are the chances I'll be treated the same way again. From the moment I made contact with Tracie she was unprofessional in her tone and attirude. One of her coworkers stepped forward and tried to apologize for her behavior. At least one good person works there. pharmacies make a remarkable amount of money off of us. I'll give my money to someone who acts as though they appreciate it.

-by (21, October, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Hicksville, NY

Pharmacy staff don't know how to their job

Plz stop hiring children honestly they don't know how to do their job, the pharmacy sucks

-by (15, October, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Joliet, IL

can not stand it here!!!!

every time I have to go here I Dred it!!!! while the staff is I guess " nice" they turn every visit into an hour long event. the one girl who works there (short hair kinda heavy set) will not only talk your freaking ear off about her entire life but , she also had no common sense or discretion. I'd hate to think what she would say if I needed to get a pregnancy test there or something. I'm sure she would seriously tell me a story about how she thought she might be pregnant once but she wasn't and blah blah blah.... I can not stand going in there and avoid it if I can!!!!

-by (13, October, 2013)


I walk in with my prescription from a doctor thats 2 streets down from them, all i get is we dint carry this. They cant order it either for some reason. I am a pharmacy tech myself worked for 3 years and i know that they can and should order it.

-by (03, October, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Skokie, IL

Bad costumer service

The pharmacist has displayed a very unproffesional way of talk CVS really should bring a crew in pharmacy that knows how to treat humans the guy there was acting like he wants to fight his name is MANSUKH PIPALIYA he is bad and mad man be careful he is by far the worse pharmacist in CVS

-by (01, October, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Valparaiso, IN


One of the worst experiences since moving here a month ago. Why? There's nothing fun about waiting for someone to come to register for quite a few minutes, start wandering around the store looking for any kind of help, and then to be chewed out by some cranky person telling you they can't be in two places at the same time. I will never again set foot in that CVS again. There's a nice and newer Walgreens across the street that I will give my business to.

-by (30, September, 2013)

Excellent Store Manager Kim

I am writing to you concerning CVS #4424 on Washington Road in College Park GA. I came in the store about 12:30 and as soon as I got a basket the store manager ask me could she help me or find anything for me. She was stocking the sheves and stopped and found all 3 things I needed. She is very professional and nice. Most CVS stores you cannot find a manager on the floor. Kim is the best manager.

-by (24, September, 2013)

Horrible Experience

The pharmacy is horrid , rude employees, i stood there for one hour before someone noticed me and asked me if i needed help. Than my script wasnt even ready. Ithink they need to reevaluate the employees especially the pharmacist

-by (18, September, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Farmington Hills, MI

Great service

Pharmacy staff friendly, careful, and know their customers. always checking for drug interactions... will contact the doctors for you.

-by (03, September, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Wilkinsburg, PA

good store

The employees are friendly and helpful. There is a security guard there so I feel safe when shopping. They have a great selection of items too. I buy my makeup, photos and essentials from here time to time.

-by (02, September, 2013)

IWIN ruining it for whole store

Love this store, I get tons of scripts and other quick grocery items here all the time. Everyone is nice and the store is clean. Love the photo department too. IWIN works in the pharmacy and she has a terrible attitude and refuses to do her job. She will stare right at you and say, No Im not getting your prescription. If she waits on me again, I will NEVER return. That will be a shame, because everything else about that place is great!

-by (12, August, 2013)


I called in for a price and I was met with a hostile over the counter wanna be technicican. Poor thing, she needs customer relations training before she is thrown to handle the public that PAYS her salary. People call for a reason: to be taken seriously for their pharmacudicall needs. take her to the woodshed please!

-by (05, August, 2013)

Review for: CVS in South Williamsport, PA

First Impression of Entranceway to store

I have absolutely no negative comments to make about this South Wmspt CVS staff, stock or pharmacy. That part is 5 stars. What I do not like is the impression that outsiders have as they enter the store. This is the home of the Little League World Series and this store is visited by peoplel from all over the world. One would think you would want to make a good impression and Paint the entrance way. Vacuum the carpets & entry way rugs everyday of dust, cobwebs and litter, fix and paint the railing. Hang a large welcome sign outside. I know this will be ignored as I have sent a comment in for the past three years hoping that someday I'll go to the store and the entranceway won't look so ghetto.

-by (31, July, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Columbia, SC

Amazing store

Everything about this store is great. The Minute Clinic nurses are professional and knowledgeable, while the pharmacy staff is courteous and very helpful. The rest of the staff is extremely friendly and will go out of their way to help customers.

-by (31, July, 2013)

Great for Convenience

I like this CVS because I'm always able to find everything I need. The store is clean and well organized, and staff are very helpful in finding and sharing information about specific products. The hours are convenient, allowing me to shop before or after work, and the drive-thru is great when I'm short on time. The prices are a little high, but the quality of items is great, and I don't mind paying more if it means I'll be satisfied with what I purchase. Bottom line, this is a great store and I would definitely recommend this CVS to anyone.

-by (27, July, 2013)

Review for: CVS in North Bergen, NJ

Worst service EVER!

This has to be the worst cvs around. There is only one manager and one other employee here... There is NOBODY at the photo center to help out. There is just no words to describe how bad the service is there! I went three times to get some pictures and they werent ready!!

-by (22, July, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Lebanon, NH

cashier + mistakes

July 19 morning....made a $59.98 purchase for an item on sale. Cashier rung up for $79. I had to bring to her attention that item was on sale. Short time later that same morning, i returned the item, as it wasn't what i thought i had and had the same cashier who proceeded to give me back $50, even though she had my receiot which said $59.98. Again i had to bring this to her attention.

-by (19, July, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Virginia Beach, VA

Best in Town.

This is the only CVS that I frequent. They always have what I am looking for in stock, the staff are friendly, and the pharmacists are knowledgeable. Definitely visit this location. They are amazing.

-by (18, July, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Hagerstown, MD

Discrimination practices at CVS

The CVS at north cannon ave in Hagerstown MD has a pharmacist that used a racial slur that he thought no one heard. He was mumbling after dealing with an African American and used the -N- word after the customer left. The pharmacist also uses the customers prescriptions and script history to profile them. A customer was getting a script filled for a medicine used for treating opioid addiction and the pharmacist called the customer a "junkie" and refused to fill a prescription for a pain killer. The customer had just had dental surgery and the pharmacist called the dentist and told them that the customer was a junkie and did not need that medicine and was probably faking. You can't fake having teeth surgically removed. You should not ever use this store if you have any sense or until this racist, profiling pharmacist is terminated!!

-by (29, June, 2013)


Male pharmacist seemed way to friendly with female employees!! Made me uncomfortable!!

-by (22, June, 2013)


Really good service there n one of d staff is so fine I been wanting to talk n say whats up but im scared

-by (21, June, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Phoenix, AZ

they are a joke!

This place is a joke, they are always backed up and have a huge line, The people back there are all stupid. They have once again misplaced one of my discount cards.

-by (18, June, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Dallas, TX


The Asian gentleman in the pharmacy is more concerned about how HE wants to do things than service to the customers. I purchase over $200.00 in medicine there each month, but had to find another pharmacy due to this gentleman.

-by (12, June, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Tipton, IN


Awful store, awful staff, poor service, & the pharmacy can never keep anything common in stock. Don't waste your time.

-by (04, June, 2013)

Pharmacy Rude Unprofessional.

The CVS Pharmacy located on Bus 98 in Panama City Fl. Very unprofessional ,staff and Pharmacist. Tried for two days to get scrip filled they kept blowing me off, until I cornered the Pharmacist. Instead of taking responsibility for mistakes by his staff he blamed the doctor.. Makes up a story that the doctor called in the script, with all the pertinent information, except the name of the drug. What an insult, so I asked why did you or your staff not ask the doctor for the name, he began to stutter and give more excuses. Also, asked if there were a problem why did he or his phone me, so I could get it corrected. He gave me a wry smile as if to say you caught me we are incompetent. I am afraid of this Pharmacy and would hope that others don't make the same mistake as I.

-by (01, June, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Tucson, AZ

Questionable due to wait

Every time I have called in a reorder on a prescription, and I do it at least 3 to 4 hours prior it is inevitably never ready for pickup. I appreciate the 24/7 service availability, but when I call that far in advance I do expect the prescription to be ready for pickup since I do have a very long drive from home. There also seems to be issues with changes in prescription dosage by company compared to doctor prescription which also ties up getting my prescriptions refilled and I have to make an additional drive into town for that as well. It would seem communication could be sped up in that area with our current advanced technology. Customer service is good for the most part and usually with a smile.

-by (30, May, 2013)


I have been going there for my children for 4years. The first two where great but it seems like the people in there get more rude and lazy i tried to call in an over the counter rx because my daughter was at all childrens it was just motrin but her insurance covers it and the lady says well come in and get it and ill run it so i said you want me to come up there with my child who is sick and wait an hour for you to fill it rather than get it off the shelf for me? She said well yes that was the last straw i will not fill another rx there again! I would give it minus 5stars but i cant

-by (21, May, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Camarillo, CA


This CVS is great! Love the night shift and appreciate all they do for me and the people i work with. Being in the service Industry i learn to appreciate C Service when i see it and they are always great :)

-by (20, May, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Dallas, TX

not bad

Definitely one of my favorite places to show my extreme couponing skills! Gals are real nice here

-by (20, May, 2013)


Well organized store, clean, easy to navigate. And a very pleasant, personable check out individual.

-by (09, May, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Bloomington, IN


Excellent place to shop ..great sales…Very friendly and helpful sales people…store is always clean and organized.

I also like their rewards program….

-by (30, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Kissimmee, FL

Pharmacy Tech

I want to acknowledge TRINA WH WORKS IN THE PHARMACY. TRINA is as pleasant and helpful on the phone as well as behind the counter. Awesome personality. I recommend her for a reward...for..OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE...

-by (26, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Kissimmee, FL


I want to acknowledge SUSAN...who works in front part of store... She is the pregnant young lady and not too busy to be such a great help for me. Susan helped me getting photos done..helped me by finding correct nail polish for me. I ha major back surgery and I cannot even began to say this young woman gave excellent customer service.

-by (26, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Apache Junction, AZ

Horrible pharmacy

This pharmacy is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. They tell you 2 hours for a prescription and 5 hours later, its finally ready. Everytime I go to pick up a prescription, I am sitting at the window for 15+ minutes watching them scurry around looking for it. The last 5 scripts I had filled, everytime they cannot find it! Very poor customer service and time management.

-by (25, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Miramar, FL

CVS Photo Lab Poor Customer Service

On April 21 I visited store # 3478 to have a roll of pictures processed. I was provided a production receipt # 039491 and pick up time of 5:06 pm. After I was provided with the production receipt by the teller a co-worker walked up to the teller who was working in the photo lab. The co-worker was heard by me telling the photo lab tech, " they made a mistake scheduling us to work together will never get anything done". After hearing that comment I said, "do not let that affect my pictures".

I returned at 5:00pm and was greeted by a young female who was nice enough to attend me. She told me she could not develop my pictures because there was something wring with the light in the machine. She made a call to see when the tech would return from his lunch break. One hour later I was still waiting. I heard her comment to the store manager that he was very late returning from his lunch break. I needed to get this film develop today for my daughter. I lost time and confidence in the name CVS.

Take the time to speak to your employees about customer service. You lost a customer today.

-by (21, April, 2013)

quick service

Prescription flled in 15 minutes, but they kept my daughters insurance card. Grrrr now I have to waste gas for their carelessness.

-by (21, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Hillsboro, OH


This cvs goes out of there way to make sure that you experience is great

-by (20, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Avon, IN


Lady was very rude. Definitely not going back.

-by (15, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Bakersfield, CA


Pharmacy closes 3 hours before scheduled time. How does that benefit any of the customers? Very bad customer service.

-by (14, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in New Britain, CT

no staff, just 1 big line

The staff is the problem. No staff! Just 1 cashier, very poor customer service, no manager at all after 5 pm. Unbelievable! They aren't able to help a client.

-by (13, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Philadelphia, PA

Great CVS

Employees are always helpful and friendly at this CVS.

-by (12, April, 2013)


Staff in the front are always courteous and professional, Pharmacy is also courteous as long as you don't bother them with filling prescriptions. They are usually pretty busy gossiping about work politics, I have even seen them squatting down behind the counter so the text with being disturbed. So if you see them huddled together leave them alone, they are busy

-by (09, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Hope Mills, NC

Pharmacist never in

I've tried on three separate occasions to have the pharmacy to order a prescription for me and each time the pharmacist is not in. Their suggestion is to keep coming back to try another day. Unfortunately, my next stop is to a different pharmacy.

-by (03, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Coventry, CT

Thankful for their support

The CVS in Coventry is terrific, Addey and the rest are the most professional and helpful staff of all the other CVS's I have dealt with. Thanks to them for all of their years of support for myself and my family.

-by (02, April, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Camarillo, CA

Cvs next to Vons

Is the worst store Ihave ever been in and will never return. Been here 35 yrs and the personal are not professional, rude and dont but customer first. Asked for mgr after poor service and he was not helpful, then asked for Regional Mgr and was given a wrong number. Will never enter that store again and will urge others to do as well. Store on Santa Rosa so much better.

-by (30, March, 2013)

Review for: CVS in New Rochelle, NY

printing photo's

Do not use 1hr photo printing! At North Ave. Store, 3 days two trips to the store. I still don't have my prints!!

-by (30, March, 2013)

Review for: CVS in New Lenox, IL


If I could give negative stars I would. This chain alone is the reason I will never step foot into another cvs nor will my family.

-by (29, March, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Ewing, NJ

Awful place

So bad. Slow. Nothing is ever ready

-by (22, March, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Ewing, NJ


I've been to this place several times and they have literally never had the prescription ready. They are extremely slow, I've waited 2 hours and had to come back 3 times for simple birth control pills. This place is truly awful.

-by (22, March, 2013)

It sucks

Very rude cashier and manager.

-by (17, March, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Annapolis, MD

Extremely slow service

I've been using this pharmacy off and on for about five years, and they are unbelievably slow. Even when I've called in the morning, and stopped by in the afternoon to pick up a prescription, they usually make me wait 30-45 minutes. I don't understand why it takes so long to put 20 pills in a bottle.

Unfortunately they are the only 24-hour pharmacy in my area, so I'm stuck.

-by (15, March, 2013)


On time deliver. Very kindness for everyone.

-by (06, March, 2013)


The worst pharmacy ever!! Lines are always long and staff is extremely rude. Will never return. Rating should be -1

-by (06, March, 2013)

Sorry service at checkout!

I went to CVS in Denison, Texas on 2/21/2013 at 3;30 pm to buy a waterpic. Went to the counter and was told by the employee behind the counter that she had to help another customer in the store find something and that she would be right back. She never came back while I was there. I was stanfing there waiting to check out longer than I had been in the store, I finally just left, the whole time being watch by other employees acroos the store. Knew I sould have gone to Walmart, CVS never again.

-by (22, February, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Baton Rouge, LA

Happy customer

Love the friendly staff. Always smiling and happy too help with anything you might need. Big thumbs up you guys keep it up!! :D

-by (21, February, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Concord, CA

Excuses dont stock shelves.

Subject; Clairton D 30 tab. By law the customer is allowed one (1) purchase per month.Many people suffering cronic sinus need 30 tabs,thats 1 per day. CVS look alikes dont work.why is it so hard to stock this product? Im not going to buy a box of 10 and 20!!! I will go to wallgreens!!!

-by (18, February, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Walkerton, IN

Walkerton needs a Walgreens

This is with a doubt the worse CVS to have a prescription filled. The pharmacy technicians are super slow, rude and nonprofessional. After many attempts and second chances I have given up and taken all of my family’s prescriptions to Walgreens. My recommendation is to do yourself a favor and avoid this Walkerton IN store if at all possible.

-by (04, February, 2013)


A fantastic example of management-employee teamwork...very impressive! Happy help is a good indicator of leadership.

-by (25, January, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Round Rock, TX


Very friendly & helpful. Makes you feel as if you're in a small town again where everyone knows your name. I love how they took care of me unlike the other large pharmacies.

-by (21, January, 2013)

Review for: CVS in McKinney, TX

Great store- horable pharmacy!

Every time I pick up a RX something is wrong- co pay- not filled- out of that medication- they have even charged me 2 co-pays for 1 RX! It's Nuts! Very unorganized!

-by (17, January, 2013)


I called several times and nobody answered the phone. The phone keeps on ringing and ringing. I'm glad it was not an emergency call to the pharmacist.

-by (14, January, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Mansfield, TX

Flu shots

I don't understand why appoints for flu shots where being made only to get the clinic on the scheduled date and time to find out there was no more flu shots. TERRIBLE customer service will never shop there again

-by (12, January, 2013)

Review for: CVS in East Boston, MA

great service

Everytime I go to this location everyone is very helpful. The store is very clean and the manager is always very accessible. I love this location because they know their customers by name.

-by (10, January, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Greenwood, IN

Great Store!!

This is one of the BEST CVS stores i have ever been too! The clerks were very helpful and even saved me some cash! BUT the map on this site is wrong. This store is on US 37 and Fairview Road in Greenwood(Center Grove) Indiana.

-by (05, January, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Montvale, NJ

Dont use pharmacy

30 mins on hold to find out if prescription is done. Was told by store manager to keep holding as their busy." there are alot of people in the store"- quess they cant spare anyone to answer the phone,

-by (05, January, 2013)

Review for: CVS in Colerain Township, OH

Poor service

My Dr. called a script into this CVS store about 10:15 AM today. I went to the drive thru at about 2:15 and was told it was not ready and would take about 10-15 min. I parked and went into the pharmacy where there was the pharmacist and I assume three techs. When asked to be helped, I asked for an explanation of why it would take this long to get a simiple script which I had already gotten before. I was told it would be "put in line to be filled" right away. I ahsed why I had to come into the store to get this done and the tech told me she said it would be filled in 2 min, which she was the one who told me 10-15 min. The other techs came up with other excuses, new script and takes longer to check it etc. No appologies were offered for poor service, just have a nice day. Trust me, I live in a close vicinity of several other pharnacies and this will be the last time I do any business with CVS, anywhere. I will be having my Dr. send any further scripts to Walgreens, Mt. Healthy.

-by (04, January, 2013)


First let me begin by stating that the service displayed by this cashier in mention was handled in a very professional manner during the holiday rush,allowing me to save time and money by investing in your CVS care card program.Cashier attendant Solange truly understands the skill of coustomer service,company policy and knowledge of CVS product. please accept this review as a way of my appreciation during this time of need. Any question reguarding this review please feel free to respond with your opinion of concern. respectfully yours. Mr.Marcus James III

-by (02, January, 2013)