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Hidden charges

despite having a pre paid voucher, for all local taxes and charges, we were charged 75 euro for returning a car on Sunday (same applies to Saturday), ay Cluj Airport Romania. There is nothing in the contract for this and voucher was ignored by rude staff.

-by (Nov. 17, 2015)

Ripped off!

my credit card was used by Enterprise to overcharge my account. The amount was to be refunded 75.00 and it ended up at over 580.00. I did not sign for or approve of this fraudulent use of my card. I only signed my name for the 75.00 deposit to be refunded! I am very upset and might have to go to the state attorney general to get my money refunded.

-by (Jan. 16, 2015)

over charged

I rented a car bill shows 367.15 credit card shows 422.22 a 55.00 difference what kind B/S is that i was never told of the extra money being charged

-by (Jan. 26, 2014)

Bloomington Location American Blvd.

the worst service theat I have ever had at Enterprise - 1020 American Blvd. will never rent from them again and may consider not renting from Enterprise again - I am very loyal customer and rent all over the US but their service was horrible from start to finish I had a reseveration....they definitely need lessons in customer service

-by (Oct. 10, 2013)


I have rented from Enterprise for years! This last rental has been a diaster! Enterprise Rental Office in Torrington & Hartfrod CT are crooks! They had me in a standard rental for 52.99 not including insurance charges, etc. I looked on line their price for standard size rentals in $38.39, and they won't adjust the price!!! They are rude and nasty people to deal with. I will tell everyone via business and personal not to ever rent for ENTERPRISE!

-by (Sep. 13, 2013)

Phone toll charges


-by (Sep. 9, 2013)


Been a loyal customer for years have rented thousands of cars, and I have never been treated this poorly before. The managers in Ontario Ca. Joel, and in Eugene Or. David are by far the worst customer service reps i have ever dealt with. Unwilling to work with me, assumed the worst spoke to me so rudely I will take my business else where. Also If the billing is not straighten out this week I will take this company to court, and the two managers personally for slander, discrimination,and any thing else I can think of. These are the kind of managers your company does not need, they will put enterprise out of business

-by (Aug. 11, 2013)

poor experience

when renting from your company, staff touted Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry as your primary vehicles. I asked for an Altima as I was considering purchasing one in the future. Staff stated that they would try to find one. When picking up the rental, I received a Chevrolet Impala. There was not either of the mentioned vehicles on the lot! The rental was not cleaned very well because when getting out at the funeral we attended, there was animal hair all over the dark clithing that we were wearing. Upon looking at the vehicle more closely, there was much more of the hair in the vehicle. Needless to say that sort of capped a poor experience from your company.

-by (Jul. 3, 2013)

Re: Very Disappointed

I rented a car from the location at 3133 Inwood Rd in Dallas , Tx. At the time I signed the agreement I declined their insurance because I had my own. However, about 5 days later I was told that some unknown person came in and accepted the insurance as well as forged my name. Needless to say a new agreement showing this change could ever be found. After getting the run around for several weeks after I was charged $400 for about 4 days of using their vehicle; I have contacted their corporate office and I am patiently waiting to see if this will be resolved but some how I doubt it.

-by (Jun. 17, 2013)

deception upon rental agreement

my family & I rented a car for travel to a graduation in the family after being instructed on a deposit necessary @ the time of rental due to payment with a debit card with assurance the deposit would be returned upon return of car. the price of the rental & deposit were quoted to us several times while in store but when we were taken outside to examine the car for damages the sales person/asst mgr begin talking about insurance coverage despite the fact that we both presented copies of our own insurance. we were duped into agreeing for something we didn''t need & had foreknowledge of although he never gave us a new balance or mentioned an 'additional' charge in his sales pitch. I have rented from this corporation before & I can honestly say the salesperson have given me a choice of using my insurance vs theirs during the process of initially paying for the rental not outside just before leaving.

-by (May. 29, 2013)

Bad Business

I rented a car for over a month from Enterprise which was paid for by insurance while my vehicle was being fixed. Do to an accident we needed to get another car. After one day, the engine light came on and we returned the car to Enterprise and were issued another car. Two weeks later I received a bill for over $500 because they said a rodent chewed through an engine wire. I've lived in my house and this area over 50 years, this has never happened. I asked them if they considered that the wire might have been chewed while on their lot somewhere sitting? They did not want to hear. I asked them to show me the wire, or pictures. They refused. So I am suppose to take their word for it? NO. Then they sent me to colllections and explained that I will not be able to rent from them or their affiliates ever again. So now they threaten me and try to extort money from me. They collected over $3000 from the insurance company, and want me to pay for their negligence. In my opinion, they rented me an unsafe car. Be careful with this company

-by (Apr. 10, 2013)

scammed for tank of gas

When someone brings a rented vehicle back to Enterprise with no fuel, they are charged >$4.00/gallon to fill the vehicle. I picked up a vehicle in Charlottesville, VA on March 25 and was told I "had just enough gas to get to the filling station." I filled the car and when I read my paperwork saw the charge for filling it if brought back empty. The point here, is that fuel charge by Enterprise should mean they will fill the car before it is taken out by another customer. I believe Enterprise owes me reimbursement for a tank of gas for that vehicle, as they charged the previous customer for it but I was the one who filled the tank at my own expense!

-by (Apr. 8, 2013)

Still no car from enterprise

I left a review on another page along with a lot of poorly treated people from Enterprise.I think the corporate people need to go to that page and see this stufff.I have never seen a company get such poor ratings.I got to rent a car in dallas tx with no problems at all.Staff was wonderful.The second time was at the Jonesboro Arkansas Enterprise.One star would be 2 much of a good rating to give the employees there.I had to go to another company.Third time was today.I set everything up on the net,printed it off and went to pick up the reserved car.When i got there the lady started to take the info again.I told her it was already done and approved.She kept on taking info.Wanting 2 documents i did not have and informed me at that time they couldnt complete it because of the 2 documents i did not have and they didnt take debit cards or cash.I did not know american money was no good in this country anymore.So again and for the last time i had to leave enterprise without a car.If your trying to close down your bussiness your doing a good job.Keep up the bad work.This will not get printed and i dont care if it does.I just want some enterprise people that does not want all this poor ratings to do somethen about the way their customers are getting treated.

-by (Mar. 14, 2013)

Sarasota Personnel- Clark Road Office in Sarasota, FL

Everyone I dealt with at this office was extremely helpful, but two young women went above and beyond to be helpful. They are Crystal and America. Sometimes when young people have to deal with an older customer, they get an attitude. These two ladies were so nice that I really hope they will be rewarded as excellent employees representing your company.

-by (Jan. 10, 2013)