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Phone Number:1 (800) 843-7422

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Score 2.4
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Reviews For RadioShack Customer Service (4)

Good Customer service

There always helpful and have everything you could need electronic wise.

-by (Jun. 5, 2013)

Unhappy store return policy

I purchased a couple of cables at Radio Shack in San Jose, CA store #013210. I found that I already had the cables and didn't need them. While returning them...I was informed that it had been over 30 days since purchase and I had thrown away the receipt. I showed the clerk my bank statement reflecting that I had paid with my bank debit card and wanted a credit to my bank account. The packages were not opened and obviously brand new. Clerk said she would only give me a store credit due to store policy. If this is the way Radio Shack treats it's customers...I will now shop elsewhere. I work at Home Depot where we put customers first as reflected in our 105% of plan last year. Good luck...your going to need it in todays economy!

-by (Jan. 5, 2013)

district manager

The district manager in Richmond Va. has a lot of growing to do as a leader. He would rather have everybody fear for their job than than actually get their job done. Radioshacks numbers have dropped and some of the reason is because its hard enough to find employees to come in on time and everyday they are scheduled ,but to ignore the potential candidates and try to wait for someone that is qualified and possibly over qualified to come in and work for minimum wage and commission is a dream. Now is the time to bring in new talent, people that have little to no knowledge of the buisness so they can be molded into a sales icon. In a time like this where the economy is way down and stock is dropping you can't sit back get upset at your managers when all you do is look at paper work to determine weather or not a certain store is doing everything they can to further Radioshacks customer service base. You can only do this by paying attention to the environment, customer base, surroundings and how many people that store has to take care of customers in a timely manner.

-by (Nov. 6, 2012)


Manager looks and acts very unprofessional

-by (Sep. 30, 2012)