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Phone Number:1 (952) 830-0200

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Score 2.7
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Disappointed that return of the S'More" only comes as a blizzard and not the "Some MoreGalore" sundaes they had several years ago. Tried the blizzard today and won't get again. Very disapointed. Tasted like a weak chocolate shake with a few chunks of chocolate & graham crackers. No marshmallow flavor at all.

-by (Jun. 9, 2014)

Angry Customer

We Stopped At Our Local Diary Queen In Keyser,WV For 2 Large Bannana&Strawberry Blizzard And Went Through The Drive Through And When We Got Our Blizzards They Were Like A Milk Shake And Real Runny.I Can't Find A Number To Get A Hold Of Owner Or Managment.Sad Because This Use To Be A Plus Place.

-by (Apr. 14, 2014)


Wellcoming staff,clean,when busy it takes some time,but it is ok until that someone can make best choice.So can say worth it.

-by (Nov. 1, 2013)

Bad Experience

We stopped at the Dairy Queen in Simpsonville, KY, last weekend. They were short handed. We waited for our initial order. We decided to get blizzards. Instead of making the blizzards in the order they were ordered, they made easy orders first: such as ice cream cones. We waited for almost fifteen minutes and asked for our money back. We were given our money back and went to another Dairy Queen and found out they actually charged us full price for both blizzards when they had a special buy one and get the second one for 99 cents. We got this promotion at the Dairy Queen where we ended up getting blizzards. If you are short handed, you still need to follow first come, first served.

-by (Sep. 18, 2013)

local store needed

I love DQ. But I live in Poplarville, ms. That's about a 20good min drive to Picayune, ms. We need a DQ please. We have a mcdonalds, burger king, hardees, and a Wards. We just got the McDonald's this year. There is no doubt that a DQ would great up here. People are ready for a change. We would welcome a DQ with open arms and mouths. Please please consider coming here. Ps yours are the only fast food hot dogs I will eat.

-by (Jul. 19, 2013)

Come to my country

I´m from Costa Rica, some years ago I lived in Panama, there I had the chance to try your products, I love them, I have a question when you are going to come to Costa Rica, a lot of other business come here why you not. Thanks

-by (Jun. 15, 2013)


That Triple Chocoholic Blizzard they had a while back was the high-water mark. When is that thing coming back? There's a bunch I haven't even bothered to try since that one.

-by (Jun. 12, 2013)

Satisfied customer

Atoka Dairy Queen is extremely clean, friendly, good food, and great customer service. I highly recommend.

-by (Mar. 23, 2013)

waiting for food at the drive thru on Hamilton Fennell location

So I am at the drive thru in Hamilton mountain location. The girl at the drive thru informed me after I placed my order that I would have to wait about 7 minutes for fresh burger patties to be made. COME on!! I know that this is dairy queen and you specialize in ice cream treats but!!! Its dinner time. Shouldn't the manager of the store forsee a dinner rush???! It seems that every time I swing by this location I end up wishing I had gone to Harveys or Wendy's instead.

-by (Feb. 21, 2013)

Angry customer

Up until now we loved eating here and letting our son stop in for an after school treat. I have been told that the Manager here has banned ALL students from Whitaker Middle School from doing business with this establishment unless a parent is with them. If my son s money is not good enough to spend there neither is mine. BOYCOTT this DQ right away. I ve talked with over 30 other family s whose kids go to Whitaker and they also are Boycotting this DQ. We will get the word out to everyone we know. I am calling the TV and radio stations and the newspapers to see if they will do a story on it. BOYCOTT THIS DQ.

-by (Feb. 13, 2013)


The store located on 137 ave and bird road in Miami fl always had machines broken. Misty machine never works and tonight I ask for soft serve chocolate and that's broken. This place is a mess. Needs updating if it wasn't that carvel is further I would most def be going there. I need to come with cash because the cc machine is down most of the time.

-by (Nov. 10, 2012)