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Review for: H.H. Gregg in Johnson City, TN

What a mess

They are the pushiest reps I have ever seen and if you say know they are rude and treat you like scum

-by (17, May, 2015)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Knoxville, TN

Great Customer Service

Was very pleased with the customer service at this location. Will definitely shop here again.

-by (14, September, 2014)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Fredericksburg, VA

great customer service

I have bought so many products from this store and I have always had excellent service from the staff! Highly recommend. also have to mention the great financing available!

-by (10, August, 2014)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Bradenton, FL

Very unhappy customer

I purchased the LG refrigerator I had shopped for weeks for in the scratch and dent area of HH Gregg in Bradenton. Thee was one small ding in the front door which could be easily covered. The price that was negotiated was almost $1000 off. Great buy, very excited. When the incompetent delivery person brought it on to my newly purchased home he dragged in across the entry door and put a 6 inch dent across the lower front door. I called the store and the asst managers response was "ok" when I told him what happen. When he said nothing else I asked what he was going to do. He said he'd get me a new frig at full price. Not acceptable. Them he said he would split the difference with me. I returned the frig and bought a different one that I am not happy with and really want to return it and buy from home depot.

-by (02, July, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in West Melbourne, FL

Public User Fee

That is a tax that the developer worked out with the city to recoup what he claimed as 'losses' for putting that shopping center there. It's a separate 1% tax, above and beyone our 6% sales tax (and they put it BEFORE the sales tax, so we're taxed on that PUF tax, which I don't beleive to be right). But, I want to know who the developer is related to, because that shopping center is the only place in the entire city of Palm Bay that collects the additional 1% tax!

Seems shady to me, and I will shop elsewhere. I refuse to fund this business mans capatilist ventures.

-by (03, May, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Fayetteville, GA


service was great. assoicate Reginald Shaw was a total professional with me and my brother. i even bought a desk for my brother and now i want a tellie for my bedroom. i will reccommend to others.

-by (30, April, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Tampa, FL

horrible service

poor service product not delivered when promise. Quick to make a sale,slow to responde when product not there

-by (19, April, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Henrico, VA


we wend today my wife and me at this location and we want to buy washer and dryer and there was man he is old in 50 s he was sale man there at appliances and he just was really rood and he make us feel like shit and he was raciest with us so we left the store right the way and off curse u lose more costumer if u let any body like that person work there for me never go there again plus i will told every body about it

-by (17, March, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in West Melbourne, FL


before you buy an appliance, know ahead of time that there is a "public user fee"! what is that all about?

-by (02, March, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Clearwater, FL

GREAT store, GREAT service

I got a new Sony TV system, but within a month it just went out...took it to the store and within 3 minutes they gave me a new TV no questions asked. Helped me out to the car with it and everything. Today I'm buying a new refrigerator and range from them. (Other people just have the *need* to whibne, it seems)

-by (20, February, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Pensacola, FL

sales help

You need more sales help! Waited gor help for 2o minutes in the cell phone area today. Got fed up and left.

-by (17, February, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Clearwater, FL

Warranty difficult

I purchased 3-5 year warranties on about seven big items. They tell you at purchase what kinds of examples of things are covered and how great it is. Well yeah it's nothing but a run around and we don't cover this we don't cover that fight. Make it easy and just buy a new one it's quicker and at a different store where they stand behind their products.

-by (20, January, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Clearwater, FL

Nice at purchase time and rude later.

I went there to purchase multiple high priced items which I did. The staff was pretty friendly at the time and all about trying to wheel and deal. I returned a couple days later to return one small inexpensive item and the same salesman was suddenly rude and standoffish and appeared inconvenienced. I am very disappointed as whether you purchase items, return items or just go in the store to browse and buy nothing you should be treated kindly and respectfully as I treat you. Did that one item hurt your commission? so sorry.

-by (20, January, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Midlothian, VA


I went to H.H. Gregg to purchase a Over The Range Microwave to match my new glass top stove, I found a floor model @ a good price, but when I got home the screws and owners manuel was missing, So, I called the store to ask for the screws and the manual and they just told Me to bring the floor model back and they replaced it with a new one in the box. I was very pleased with their customer service.

-by (17, January, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Clearwater, FL

no service

waiting in line up, the first person has a problem, made every body else wait, on and on end result the 2nd person in front of me left, i waited, then when the cash person walked away to find someone to help 1 st lady, i waited until the girl walked slowly back with salesman, talking, then the salesman kept walking,

so i left, and may never come backagain the cashier shoul of had customer go to or call customer service 4 help, and carry on wth other people in line up

-by (07, January, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Downingtown, PA

Horrible customer service

I was sold a defective refrigerator then told to go through the manufacturer. I did this reluctantly and had to defrost my "New Unit" This did not work so I tried to get help at store level. They just push you off to an out side customer service. I am in retail and would be out of a job if I treated customers as they have treated me. When you spend $1000 on a fridge you don't expect to have to defrost it 2-3 in the first month you own it. I will and suggest no one buys anything from this horrible place.

-by (05, January, 2013)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Macon, GA

Two thumbs up:)

I love this store. I got my Toshiba Laptop, Garmin navigator, and Coby t.v. from there. I'm in need of a washer and with there prices they will be sure to see me again. I trust their merchandise and will be a customer until their doors close which I hope to be NEVER...LOL

-by (25, December, 2012)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Douglasville, GA

Referred by my buddy!

My buddy Nick says this is the place to buy Large Appliances because he got free delivery and set-up, and since I'm just moving into the area and need a Stove as well as a Washer and Dryer, I plan to shop here for what I need. I'm sold on HH Gregg! Ron from New Jersey

-by (24, December, 2012)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Spring Hill, FL

Wonderful experience today at your store.

This morning, I needed a new battery for my Sun Pass. I asked a nice young man for some help with this, and he said"Yes, we have those batteries." He got a pkg of two, and I asked him if he would put it in for me. "Yes, he said I would be glad to." His name was Shawn, and I want to thank him again, and I think you should be aware of how great he is in your store.

-by (11, December, 2012)

Review for: H.H. Gregg in Cincinnati, OH

My Preferred Electronics Store

I shop the Fields Ertel hhgregg location because (1) I always find what I'm looking for, (2) I am greeted almost the instant I enter the store, (3) I am given excellent information about an item under consideration, and (4) the price and service is better than any other store I have shopped in for major appliances.

-by (18, November, 2012)