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Review for: U.S. Bank in Springfield, OR


The atm is out of date. You still put the money or check in a envelope The bank is also not open on the weekend, wow.

-by (23, May, 2015)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Lakewood, CO

web site

You moved the westland branch long ago but still have phone number thats no good. Been almost a year and you can't change the phone number?

-by (03, November, 2014)

Review for: U.S. Bank in West Valley City, UT

Bad Policy

Imagine my surprise when I was told that I would have to pay to cash two checks drawn on US Bank by the volunteer organization to which I donate time because I don't have an account with US Bank. Bad, bad policy, and another reason to avoid big Banks.

-by (21, August, 2014)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Wilsonville, OR

Bad service!

I called 6 times early in the morning, hour after they opened and never answered the stupid phone. That's just bad. Chase answered in seconds!

-by (19, July, 2014)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Suisun City, CA


excellent customer service very courteous and kind...very understanding to my needs and my situations however complecating handled with kindness understanding and satisfactorly if not excellently to suit customers needs and beyond expectations... much appreciated!!

-by (17, January, 2014)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Suisun City, CA


excellent customer svc overall i'm happy with the treatment uv the management and overall service to my banking difficulties as a brand new banking customer and not having had been with any banking financial institutions ...it was painless and free

-by (17, January, 2014)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Murfreesboro, TN

Innsbrooke Kroger in Murfreesboro, TN

I originally went to this particular branch because it was closest to my work, and I needed to set up an account on my lunch break. From day one, everyone there has been so nice! I even make a point to do any of my banking at this branch now, even though there are two others closer to my home. It's one of those places where you feel like people know your name and genuinely care. If all the branches were run like this one, the Bank's rating would be much higher. Haha. Anyway, I just realized how much I truly enjoy banking at this branch, and, since most people (myself included) tend to only leave reviews when something negative happens, I thought I should put a little positivity out there.

-by (11, January, 2014)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Auburn, WA


Us bank is the best bank I have ever used. And I've tried all the other major banks. This location has friendly tellars and it is a pleasant experience every time. The only thing is sometimes its so busy it takes a while. But I wouldn't switch banks for anything. Very pleased. Good job us bank!

-by (30, November, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Cedar Rapids, IA


Absolutely, undoubtedly, the most terrible customer service. Please do not use this bank, you will be treated horribly.

-by (03, October, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Cincinnati, OH


Terrible service, very mean don't use this branch. Just charge fee's to rip you off!

-by (22, August, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Roseville, MN


On Sunday I toke my time to come in because the web site said 11-4pm and you where closed at 1:30 u r a waste if my time

-by (18, August, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Las Vegas, NV

Rude and lie to your face

I share an accout with my 17 year old son. He was scammed into depositing a bad check into the account so of course they closed it. They told me that if I get a police report they would keep my other FOUR accounts open and not close them for FRAUD! I did what they asked. Spent 3 hours at the police station. I was assured by several people of US bank that everything would be fine. THEY CLOSED ALL OF MY ACCOUNTS! Then had the nerve to turn me into check systems. Everyone I talked to said "the decision came from higher up" but they couldn't tell me who. DON'T TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY.

-by (25, July, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Milpitas, CA

Best Bank

I went into this office and right away the manager was so warm and friendly. He has never met me before but I felt like I was part of his family. I would drive out of my way to visit this branch.

-by (29, June, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Chicago, IL


this is the bank i use and sometimes it takes forever to be waited on, but they do their job.

-by (27, June, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Crappy Service

Do not go to this branch. I am a long time customer. When I deposit checks instead of allowing it to clear the Manager keeps it on hold for 10 tens. She does not see the track record of the customer but decides to keep checks on hold if she does not like the way the customer looks or speaks. When you deposit a check of a high amount the staff question you as to how you got the money. Socialist idiots

-by (27, June, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Las Vegas, NV

Great service!!!!!

Mr. H branch manager is so professional and knowledgeable,also the staff is #1. Outstanding service.

-by (17, June, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Milwaukee, WI

toll free phone calls

I have been plagued by phone calls from an 800 number at all hours of the day, every day for the past several weeks. When I answer they state they are from US Bank and insist I give them either the last 4 digits of my SS# or my bank account. They will not tell me what the call is about. I refuse to give out such personal information on the phone. I did a reverse search in white pages and was given this address.

-by (02, June, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Bend, OR


You bet. The staff makes yiu feel like family during a reunion. Akways willing to help with information and suggestions. Live in Christmas Valley so it is a 250 mile round trip to get cash once a month. They help make the trip eorth it.

-by (19, May, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in El Cajon, CA

Would not recomend

I would never recomend this branch to anyone. I have been with them 3 years and nothing changes except the staff and they are too young and unprofessional to say the least.

-by (17, May, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Santa Clarita, CA

Stinky Carpet?

I've been going to this branch since it opened like 3 yrs or 2 yrs ago I think and even then when it was newly opened there is that nauseating and permeating odor. Every time I go there in between those double doors before you can go in you can smell that strong odor right away. It's the same smell like the nursing homes has. Maybe it's coming from the carpet? I don't know. But I try not to go there as much as possible coz I don't like the odor. Thank God we have direct deposit now.

-by (08, May, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Springfield, OH


There are about 3 "human" employees who work at this particular branch, and the rest of them are simply MONSTERS who are rude, very unhelpful, and sullen. I always go out of town to do my banking as a result, and am just waiting to close my account and go to a better bank. I've never experienced anything like this in my life from an alleged place of business!

-by (17, March, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Novato, CA

First Class Service

I recently sustained an injury to my leg making walking almost impossible. I needed a bank close to my home and decided to try the US Bank at 5720 Nave Dr., Novato, CA. Jenny Collings helped me open a new account and she couldn't have been more courteous. She was polite, considerate and gracious when I asked questions. I just turned 80 and sometimes the new electronic, paperless age needs further explanation. She was great! Frances Sainsbury

-by (06, February, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Carthage, MO

Karen is the best!

Everyone at this location really knows how to go above and beyond, we will never bank anywhere else!

-by (31, January, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Chicago, IL

Not Convenient

Not many locations and can never find an ATM. Service is below Par, not helpful when situations arise and need to talk with bank regarding any fee. Their remote deposit system isn't friendly or Free like other banks. Products are out dated and Systems they use to process transactions are from the 90's. Stay away from US Bank

-by (03, January, 2013)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Indio, CA

The Best Bank in California

I used to bank with BofA but I got divorced and I closed that account. I was looking for another bank but I didn't know who to open my account with I was undecided about First Bank or Us Bank. I chose Us Bank and I am so glad. They have the friendliest people that works there. I love to use their debit card because it pays me cash back. When I use another atm when I am in need of cash they automatically refund my fee that I am charged. I wouldn't bank with anyone else.

-by (15, November, 2012)

Review for: U.S. Bank in Great Falls, MT

Hours are riculous!!

People normally start getting off work between 4-6p.m. My bank stays open for us and also keeps the drive threw open later then walk in. My daughter just opened an account and they're holding most of her work check hostage. She's going to close her account and come to my bank.

-by (14, November, 2012)