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Review for: RadioShack in Philadelphia, PA

Great Store!

Always clean, immediately approached by staff for assistance and well stocked. Great job!

-by (17, August, 2015)

Review for: RadioShack in Morro Bay, CA

overpriced poor service

Typical Moron Bay. Owner is arrogant, poor service, high prices ..out of date product

-by (23, April, 2015)

Review for: RadioShack in Provo, UT

not very knowledgeable/didn't carry product

Went in to purchase something I saw on radioshack.com and store didn't have it and manager said they would not be carrying it. No one would want it It is a very popular item.

-by (03, March, 2015)

Review for: RadioShack in Rio Vista, CA


employees are very helpful , friendly, and do every thing possible to make sure all your needs are met'

-by (19, November, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Whittier, CA

real estate

Awesome staff. Knew exactly what I could do to solve my internet issue. Thank you Radioshack.

-by (05, November, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Greendale, WI

Amazing Customer Service

The Southridge Mall Radioshack team was awesome. Took amazing care of our family.

-by (30, October, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Aurora, CO

hours of operation incorrect

You guys open at 10, and online it says at 9am?

-by (22, October, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Dallas, TX

Why is this store closed???

Online hours are posted indicating store closes at 9p. It is 8:20 and the store is closed and locked up!!!!

-by (05, October, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in St Peters, MO

Excellent Service

My phone that I had purchased here was having a glitch and wouldn't turn on. The manager was very helpful and trouble-shot my phone with me when I called in to ask about my options. My phone now works perfectly again and the best part is I didn't have to leave my house or put in any more money to my phone. :) Thanks Radio Shack!

-by (31, July, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Tucson, AZ

Great Assistant Manager

I had Awesome Customer Service by the Assistant Manager. He was very knowledgeable on the product I was buying. I would recommend coming to this Radio Shack.

-by (19, May, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Fairmont, NC

higher than normal prices

store does not have a variety of products like other radio shacks and the prices on what they do have is almost double what you would pay at other radio shacks

-by (03, March, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Aurora, CO

Customer Service

Purchased a Nexus 7 on 12-14-2013 opened on Christmas Day, found the screen cracked. Call the manager(john) and explained my situation, receipt on hand. Sorry the box was not damaged when you bought it and it's not our responsibility. You can call Google and deal with them. Great customer service? I think not. Guess I should have purchased the protection plan before I opened the box. Will not do business in this location.

-by (16, January, 2014)

Review for: RadioShack in Longview, TX

A super Store!!

This store is always in the most organized condition!! Products are stocked at once and Kinsey and Penny are so knowledgeable about what they sell there. They also will refer you somewhere else if they cannot help you. To be near Walmart and open to 9:00 pm, I will choose this shopping experience for all sorts of electronic needs before going in to the Walmart. Always check for their sale shelf!! It usually has some terrific products marked to "walk out" for a great price!!!!

-by (28, November, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in West Seneca, NY

Needed Help

I was in store 11/19/13 about noon , and must say I am a 60 year old male , and had a simple few questions for the girl , what a snooty little bitch , thought she was going out of her way helping me , I was spending my $$ and the little snooty thing seemed like I was bothering her , I will never attempt to go to that store again and I,m so pissed I don,t think I will ever go to another radio shack , it,s no wonder it seems like they are going out of business , LOST me as customer !!!

-by (19, November, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Norcross, GA

best customer care

This Radio Shack has the most: down to Earth, knowledgeable & helpful staff in the state in my opinion...

-by (18, November, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Fort Worth, TX

Old Style Customer Service

I have visited several RS stores and this one is the best. There are two older guys at this location that really know the current and older products. I didnt feel like I talking to a video trained teenager. Go here if need help with video and tv antenna.

-by (13, November, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Oakland, CA

Wonderful help at this RS

I went into the store yesterday, Sunday, and was totally ignorant about what I wanted...and how to get it. Lucky for me, Nialah and Ernest were on duty and were so very helpful and patient....loved every minute there. Bought a new IPhone and got a new service provider that was much less expensive and offered more benefits. I am so very grateful...good value for the price, and all that extra help!!!

-by (21, October, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Summerville, SC

Steer clear of this Radio Shack

Although there is a Radio Shack sign above the store, they are a private franchise (?) therefore they do not honor Radio Shack promotions nor can you return Radio Shack purchased merchandise to this store. Quite the racket, they over charge you for merchandise you can purchase cheaper at other Radio Shack store and you can't return it once purchased! Do yourself a favor and go to North Charleston or Goose Creek. Better yet, go across the street to Best Buy

-by (27, September, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Holiday, FL

store hours are not whars posted on here.

This says the store hours are till 9-10 pm but you get there at 8 and asshole employees lock the door in your face cause their hours are really till 8pm. This store will never get my business again.

-by (18, September, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Riverview, FL

Customer service

Very poor customer service via phone call. I placed a call to inquire about an availability about a phone and the first thing this rep told me was that he's very busy then proceeded to ask me if I was a customer or a rep from another store. After telling him I was a customer, he placed me on hold, allowing me to hear all the background fuss between workers. Eventually, after a few minutes as I was about to hang up, he got back and told me the phone is unavailable. Someone needs to train the store clerk on how to handle proper phone protocols.

-by (12, September, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Sacramento, CA

always better than fair

I have been treated with respect and has my darker skinned husband. they seem to be knowledgeable and professional.I am a fair skinned " black Irish" woman,older as is my husband and not very tech savvy.

-by (12, September, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Springfield, MO

Best radio shack in Springfield,mo

I love the employees they make u feel very important And very helpful Love this place

-by (19, August, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Victoria, BC

wrong telephone number

Called this number and it was definitely not radioshack.

-by (16, August, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Guelph, ON

You're going bankrupt!!

Big chance Radio Shack will declare bankruptcy on August 1. Get ready!!!

-by (31, July, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Grove, OK

grove R Shack

I've used many Radio shacks and most all of them have helpful employees but the Grove store has got to be the best yet!,, I've had many questions that have been answered over the phone ranging anywhere from internet and wifi to electronic parts and questions about things and equipment they dont even sell and instead of just blowing me off by stating that,, They dont sell those here!!,,, Therefor letting them off the hook they have always taken the time to listen and explain,, even afew dumb questions,, lol without making me feel that way,,, so thx to small town R shack,,, Grove does it right!!

-by (27, June, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Sacramento, CA

Bad management

I believe the manager in that particular location is incompetent, No skill and lack of knowledge about radio shock policy, And on top of that if you are Collar person or nonwhite Expect to be treated with disrespect, As soon as you talk to the manager there you'll know she is extremely racist

-by (24, June, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Amherst, NY

Terrible sevrice

This review is long overdue. I bought my first cell phone here, a Samsung. I couldn't use it because no one could hear me. I took it back to the store and after a couple of weeks they gave it back to me saying it was OK. It wasn't. My only other recourse was to send it to Samsung manufacturer and be without it for 3 months. Eventually I went to a Verizon store and they told me if I had bought it from them in the first place, that they would have immediately taken it back and replaced it with no hassle. I never went to a Radio Shack again and never will.

-by (17, June, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Farmington Hills, MI

Sales Associate Position desired

RadioShack Location: Farmington Hills, MI Job Reference ID: 156770125

I found this on Jobs.com & am interested in a Sales Associate position. I have a resume I can e-mail to you. The Radio Shack application website didn't work so I'm trying this method.

-by (10, June, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Winnipeg, MB

monster patrol

i have monsterPatrol RC but don't have the controler anymore..i just want to know if your are selling remote control only for my son toy?

-by (10, June, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in El Paso, TX


The service was horrible there I asked if they xud connect a phone for me wit the same number and they said that they couldn't. Then I said fine just connect it for me and they said ok it was one price then he came bak and said it was another price higher then a girl said it was higher they were trying to make me not buy it!!!! I will never shop at that location again! They r rude they lie and they take advantage of needy people instead if helping!!!!

-by (21, May, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Yanceyville, NC

Customer service

Customer service was awful at this location employee had a attitude soon as I walked thru the door got so disgusted I left was able to get better service at a different location never goin to the Yanceyville location ever again

-by (21, May, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Plantation, FL

Great prices and selection!

Great staff and saved a bundle on 2 iPhone 5s. Huge assortment of cases compared to ATT. Kudos!

-by (17, May, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Belton, TX


I came into there store, made a purchase of air time minutes for my phone, they put the money on the wrong plan, now i cant get my money back, there mistake, i tell them i wont ever be back at there store, all they say is thats good to here.

-by (08, May, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in North Charleston, SC


I only give this store 2 stars and that's because they picked up the phone the staff has no clue as to what's in stock I walked right in and found what they told me they dident have or even sold on the phone and the person I spoke to was the same person that checked me out....

-by (07, May, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Delavan, WI

Helpful Workers

I like this RadioShack, I don't come in that often but whenever I do, the workers always ask if I need help and know what they are talking about when it comes to electronics. It's not to have somebody there who knows what they are talking about when you have a question about a certain device. RadioShack in Delavan definitely offers that to there customers. Thank you RadioShack for such great service!

-by (05, May, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Bay City, MI


Store overcharges and does not keep their word from their telephone answers and then at the store. A very unhappy customer.

-by (30, April, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Minnetonka, MN


Some of the best customer service i have ever recieved, extrememly knowledgable sales associates that helped me locate my product quick. Great place to shop for a variety of products. They have Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and a plethera of prepaid phones.

-by (03, April, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Reading, PA


There's one Worker There who is always ready to work, amazing and could sell a good bargain. When I say I was a little bit worried about buying there but she came to me with a smile and helped me with what I needed to buy. I have to say if I go back I want her. Cassandra Fraser you are truly outstanding and amazing.

-by (28, March, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Middletown, NY

Shop loacal, for what?

I drive 40min to Radioshack to get 4 simple identical lighted toggle switches. I get there and they have only 1 of every kind. I wonder how long it's been that way? I try to shop local and support local as much as i can so people have jobs. So i avoided Ebay this time, waisted my time and gas to support people that don't want to work. Now i'm on Ebay supporting someone far far away. Just sayn.

-by (13, March, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Hemet, CA

Products Stolen wont assist after 1 hr

Spent over 1 HR in store! Young lady very helpful, kind. First.10-15 minutes picked out scanner. Next 30 salesperson unable to find my item. They keep in a backroom. I asked for a discount on next item up. Refused unless I'm a student or military for 10%. Guess they don't want happy returning customers! Also found out same owner / mingled has the one in mall had similar problems! Radio Shack both on Florida have bad owners/management!!!

-by (11, March, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Northridge, CA

never again

The two girls that work here are rude and no clue about prices or anything at that matter. I was in line for 15 min while they are talking and not once did they say I will be with you in a moment or sorry for your wait.... I will never go back to that getto place.

-by (04, March, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Lancaster, PA

New phone Purchase

Every sales assistant went out of their way to set up phone and show the options. A +++++++++++++ service. They represent many providers ... We use ATT and we prefer to go to Radio Shack when upgrading.

-by (01, March, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in San Antonio, TX


The customer service at this place is so nasty and uncalled for. I would not recommend anyone to shop her of give them your business!

-by (04, February, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Buffalo, NY

Extended Warranty

I purchased a police scanner from this location not even a year ago. When I purchased it the sales lady that sold it to me asked if I wanted the warranty so if anything happened to it I could bring it in and get a exchange or refund no questions asked. I bought it. Two weeks ago i started having problems. I called this location and was told everyone who had worked there is now fired and whatever they told me doesn't hold up. I ended up calling their Corporate Office which this clerk so called didn't have. Corporate told me unfortunately there was nothing they could do. I ended up sending it in and received a email that said I should receive my e-gift card shortly. Its been a week and haven't received anything else. I called the warranty company and was told that it has to go to the salvage dept which the scanner was sent out to them on the 3rd of Jan and it wont arrive to them until the 9th. Once they approve the replacement then I will get my e-gift card emailed to me. I would not recommend shopping at any Radio Shack because if the sales person is no longer working there and return the item your out of luck and you don't get told the whole story.

-by (08, January, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Westbury, NY


The people in here are amazing. They made me feel so comfortable in the store and got me exactly what i needed. Answered all my annoying questions and stuck with me throughout the whole sale. I walked out and wound up buying an iphone for $50 less then the att store would have sold it to me for. Five whole stars for this radio shack.

-by (06, January, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Tumwater, WA


I purchased an MP3 player only to find it was missing the cable and ear phones. I exchanged it for another one and asked the sales rep to open the box to ensure all of the contents were present. He assured me they were. At home, I found the disk was missing. I contacted the store, and they said the disk had been left behind the counter by the associate. She offered for me to come and pick it up (a 3rd trip). I told her that I would return the item to buy it from a store who could manage to sell me a complete item. She said that would be a good idea and I have 30 days to return it! This is no way to support customer loyalty. Not to mention the item was 20% cheaper at the competitor. I will be returning the item tomorrow, and I hope they are savvy enough to offer me a discount for my trouble rather than send me to their competitor.

-by (04, January, 2013)

Review for: RadioShack in Chamblee, GA


KC is the young man who took care of me at this location. His customer service was awesome! Thanks.

-by (27, November, 2012)

Review for: RadioShack in Cheektowaga, NY

Radio Shack

Awesome service, the cool dude works in there his name is H!! The man really helped me pick out a gps!!! Thanks man

-by (19, November, 2012)

Review for: RadioShack in Cheektowaga, NY

Good Store

I Love Radio Shack everytime I walk in the store the employees help me and are nice! When I have a question the answer it, I came itno the store four times this week to buy christmas gifts and the Gentlemen really helped me and he knew what he was talking about! I think his name is H, I was so impressed by his service I recommended other people to go to that location!!

-by (19, November, 2012)

Review for: RadioShack in Fallon, NV


Went into buy a simple phone. Worst experience of my life. Will never go into that store again. Very poor customer service.

-by (17, November, 2012)

Review for: RadioShack in Signal Hill, CA

wont take out of state returns

i recently bought a data cable from radio shack when i was visiting family in az. the cable didn't work so i called in advance to the one back home to see if they would return it. they of course said they would if i had all the items and receipt. two days later i went in to the long beach radio shack they told me that there wasn't a store number on the receipt and they couldn't call the az store to verify. i then called the az store and the manager said for me to ask for they're manager and he showed me where they're store number was on it. so i went back in and the same two girls told me that they couldn't type in the sku that they needed a bar code. and they're manager was in a meeting and wasn't coming back in today and that i should come back thursday. i have worked at a radio shack before and i know that you should always do what you can to help your fellow customer and to never be rude or mean to them. terrible customer service. and its sad since they're around the corner from my house...but i will never be back there.

-by (07, November, 2012)