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Review for: Food Lion in Cameron, NC

Excellent Cust Svc

This a very clean & well kept store for the most part. Everyone seems to be friendly but especially Allison in Cust Svc. She goes above and out of her way to be helpful and always has a smile. Thanks Food Lion for making my shopping trips truly pleasurable.

-by (07, July, 2015)

Review for: Food Lion in Nashville, TN

loyal employee

I have worked for food lion for a long time, started when I was 16. Moving my way up the chain into management. Our store looks great and clean everyday. We have a great management team and wonderful employees to serve our customers. Thanks

-by (19, March, 2015)

Review for: Food Lion in Bluffton, SC

Rude to customers

This store has a pervasive environment of bad attitude. Witnessed the meat dept manager being rude to customers in front of me. Amazed people like this can keep their jobs! No wonder Food Lion has a bad reputation for customer service... They not only tolerate it, they allow it.

-by (01, February, 2014)

Review for: Food Lion in Swansboro, NC


My wife purchased center cut pork chops recently...On top was a pork chop complete with the center cut (tenderloin) ...next 5 , which were under the top "pristine" chop...all had no center cut.... I want to get what I pay for.....or just spread the meat out or just let me open the tray at the cashier line to verify my purchase... disappointing..I expected more from a local store....

-by (03, January, 2014)

Review for: Food Lion in Concord, NC

New Food LION

Left a lot to be desired. Could not find anything, aisle are narrow, cannot see product. Food line up in store makes no sense and many things really out of place. Bread in Frozen/refrigerated food section. come on. Waited longer in the Deli than ever before and no one was there but me. Had more people wanting to know if I was ok than could they help me find something. Will not go back to this store, will utilize other Food Lions that have wider aisle and better product choice.

-by (13, December, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Waldorf, MD

Food Lion

Excellent customer service very clean and well stocked. Rarely is there a long wait in Line. I would recommend this store to anyone.

-by (24, November, 2013)

rebat4e forms

ALL other Food Lions put out rebate forms provided by the beer companies for free. This store NEVER does.

-by (04, November, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Ballentine, SC

not answering the phone

not really good customer service because i have been calling to ask a question but no answer. NOT A GOOD LOOK

-by (11, October, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Cameron, NC

I love this Food Lion Department!

What I love about this store is so much convenient when you shop. Everything is very well organize and the Staffs are very friendly. I always want to shop here all the time. Lots of lots of sale all the time.

-by (23, September, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Denver, NC

complaint on produce

Yesterday I purchased ,among many items , a bag of potatoes and a box of strawberries . The potatoes were returned because the entire bag was rotten. The berries, half of them, were dutifully discarded today. This is not an isolated incident but, regretfully, the norm at this particular store. Could it be that we are getting produce that are not acceptable elsewhere? Please do something about this particular problem or many customers like me will be taking their business to Harris Teeter and skipping purchases at this store altogether. When you have the unmitigated "chutzpah" to advertise on TV those luscious fruits and vegetables. Instead you try to sell semi-rotted items to your customers.

-by (23, September, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Fayetteville, NC


No one greet customers coming and going. Cashiers have a really bad attitude and act as if customers are an inconvenience. Find another store...

-by (14, August, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Solomons, MD

Forget me, please

I would not recommend this Food Lion at all. The staff is loud-mouthed, except when customers need assistance, then they have nothing to say. Service is slow, it takes forever to get out of there. They almost never have the items I'm looking for, which are very basic every day products, and when things are in stock, the prices are outrageous. There is often a smell of septic waste, especially near the produce section. That definitely does not make me want to buy the food. Cleaning supplies used by staff is almost always left all over the store, but the store never looks, feels, or smells clean. Products are always in disarray. How are items suppose to be sold when they can't be found. Eveything about this store screams stay away, and I'm doing just that.

-by (28, July, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Hanover, MD

Reprimand Unprofessional Employees

The store appears to be professionally ran and is exceptionally clean. Of course, every now and then there are unprofessional employees who distort the image of the organization. I would highly suggest that this store engage in sexual harassment classes for its employees so that their good, professional image does not suffer. If all else fails, the "one bad apple in the bunch from the produce section" should be removed.Customers deserve to shop where they are treated accordingly.

-by (18, July, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Gastonia, NC

Please Help Me

I am an elderly lady who shops at this store about 3 times a month.I like Food Lion and do fine there until I get to check-out. I'm somewhat slower than what I used to be.I unload my buggie while the bagger stands there and watches (if there is a bagger). If not, I bag my own groceries and put them in my cart to roll to my car.When I am finished, I'm exhausted! When I do ask for help, I'm treated like I am the rude one! It looks to me like the check-out staff could more helpful, especially to the elderly.

-by (04, June, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Raleigh, NC

Treated like dirt and called a liar

I took some coupons that my wife printed out to purchase some YoCrunch Yopa yogurt cups. The coupons wouldn't scan and instead of keying them in, the attendant asked the manager in the customer service desk for help. The manager claimed that the coupons were copied and continued to argue that fact with me after I assured her that they were not. She called me a liar and talked down to me the entire time. I have NEVER been treated so poorly at a grocery store before in my life. The only reason I gave it a star is because it wasn't mugged on the way out.

-by (01, June, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Huntersville, NC

Shopper and Customer

I like shopping at Food Lion on Gilead in Huntersville for couple of reasons. They always have what we need. I find their prices to fair and competitive. They have a great CS person named Brandy. She's really great and customer conscious all the time! She's always helpful and available. Good Job Brandy!! She smiles a lot too.

-by (26, March, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Spartanburg, SC

Very fine staff

I am a visitor to Spartanburg. I was totalyl lost when I found Food Lion. One of your part-time personnel was extremely helpful in pointing out directions to me. I appreciated his going above and beyoned to ensure that I made it to my correct destination. By the way, the fruits and vebetables I bought were extremely fresh and inviting.

-by (26, March, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Clarksville, TN

Overall: Awesome

Overall this Store is awesome. The need to update or expand on offerings in both the deli meats selections and what the Butcher/Seafood offers. 99% of the people that I meet and deal with daily (almost) that work there are really friendly, polite and down to earth. Mr. Jim is a fixture, makes me smile and is part of the reason I come back, his attitude and smile is infectious. The cashiers are not only easy going, they are friendly and personable. They need to or at least try to listen to what the customers would like to see or buy and attempt to carry it. For instance, Capicola ham in the deli or Veal in the Meats Department. Not one cut or style. Either way, it is a great store, bright, clean and not super busy so you can get in and out at a decent pace.

-by (15, March, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Fayetteville, NC


This store sucks nobody smiles or say hi the manager in the bakery seems to never smile like she hates her job very poor customers serves i will not be coming back

-by (07, February, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Greensboro, NC

The store

This is in a bad area, but there are some very nice people and they should be rewared Tyrone is a great manager and his entire team should be compensated for the worked they do.The employees are very hard working yes the lines be long but they do the best they can. The Store is much cleaner and riff raff hanging around anymore. Compensate them they deserve it thanks very pleased customer.

-by (29, January, 2013)

Review for: Food Lion in Raleigh, NC

Awesome staff

I've never had any bad experiences At this store It's always been Clean and everyone helpful

-by (25, December, 2012)

Review for: Food Lion in Williamsburg, VA

Self checkout

Every time I go in they push me to self checkout, I have to tell them to stop and leave me alone.I dont wish to bag my own stuff, this is why I stopped shopping there.

-by (22, November, 2012)