Food Lion Clarksville TN

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Food Lion

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1764 Highway 48,
Clarksville TN 37040 Phone Number: (931) 920-5953
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Food Lion - Clarksville has 1 reviews

Overall: Awesome

Overall this Store is awesome. The need to update or expand on offerings in both the deli meats selections and what the Butcher/Seafood offers. 99% of the people that I meet and deal with daily (almost) that work there are really friendly, polite and down to earth. Mr. Jim is a fixture, makes me smile and is part of the reason I come back, his attitude and smile is infectious. The cashiers are not only easy going, they are friendly and personable. They need to or at least try to listen to what the customers would like to see or buy and attempt to carry it. For instance, Capicola ham in the deli or Veal in the Meats Department. Not one cut or style. Either way, it is a great store, bright, clean and not super busy so you can get in and out at a decent pace.

-by (15, March, 2013)