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Review for: Food City in Bristol, VA

Great Store

Food City Euclid is the best super market store I've ever visited.

-by (05, December, 2015)

Review for: Food City in Gray, TN


The pharmacy is excellent. The pharmacist is knowledgeable and is very helpful to her customers. I find them to have the best prices for Rx. It is also handy to have food, Rx and gas all at the same location.

-by (01, January, 2015)

Review for: Food City in Pikeville, KY

rip off at pumps

i checked my checking account and found that i was charged 1.00 at the pumps for using my debit card thta was a real ripp off you not only lost my gas buisness at the gas pumps but you also lost my in store buisness. you make it sound like a real deal on fridays but you all make your money back by charging our cards, im sure if other customers realized what was going on they wouldnt get gas there anymore either.Its ashame that food city would take advantage of theyre customers like that,theyve made hundreds of dollars off peoples cards and most of them dont even realize what went on.

-by (27, September, 2014)

Review for: Food City in Knoxville, TN

Awesome customer service

Very nice and helpful employees. Items are easy to find with great low prices!

-by (10, September, 2013)

Review for: Food City in Fairfield Glade, TN

Store Hours

Why would the store's web page list its hours as "may fluctuate"? Surely you cn do better than this!!!

-by (12, July, 2013)

Review for: Food City in Knoxville, TN

rude employees

I had a very bad shopping experience, and later that day I called the store to complain to a manager and she was more rude then my cashier.

-by (08, July, 2013)

Review for: Food City in Kingsport, TN


On Friday March 22 I stopped at Food City on Eastman Road to pick up a few items for the weekend and to make a birthday cake for my sister. After realizing I had left my debit card at home and only had $58.00 in cash....my groceries came to $59.96. The very kind bag boy would not let me return any items....he paid $2.00 of my groceries. I thanked him and we laughed...but I want Food City to know how one sweet cashier and a very generous bag boy helped a customer know that they cared. I will return to Food City.

-by (22, March, 2013)

Review for: Food City in Loudon, TN

Rotisery Chicken

The last 3 chickens that my family purchased were awful; undercooked to the point where it was still raw on the inside. The first time, we thought it was a fluke. Then, last week, my wife decided to give them another try because they look and smell delicious. However, when we cut into one of them, same situation as the first. When we cut into the second, you could just about see the food poisoning swimming in the raw meat.

-by (17, January, 2013)