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Review for: CrossFit in Rowlett, TX

Awesome Work Out!

Best place I ever worked out! Top notch people and great community of people at every level!

-by (08, January, 2015)

Review for: CrossFit in Seattle, WA

DO NOT GO to Crossfit seattle north

This place is awful. There are so many good boxes in the area. Both coaches are either lazy or tired all the time. The equipment is run down. It's like wasting your money on something that could be so worth while...if you just went somewhere else and did it. Bought a groupon...BIG MISTAKE.

-by (07, August, 2014)

Review for: CrossFit in LaSalle, QC


I recommend this to anyone & everyone. First of all, the environment is very enjoyable, friendly and non-intimidating. Everyone there is ready and willing to help you achieve your goals to the best of your capabilities. Everyone always greets you. The trainers are very down to earth, friendly, non-judgemental, and simple. They encourage you and push you, always. If you're not willing to work hard, this is not for you. No pain, no gain. The prices are also cheap compared to other crossfits in MTL.

-by (25, September, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Gainesville, FL

Endurance Training

I started training at Crossfit Gainesville in July 2010. I had never gone to a gym before and only concentrated on casual jogging, A friend a mine recommended Crossfit and I have never been disappointed especially on endurance training and olympics workouts

-by (22, September, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Crossfit Port Saint Lucie

The trainers are great and the workouts are tough, definately a great place to workout.

-by (27, August, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Port Saint Lucie, FL

The best in town for Personal attention

They take the time to show you how to do the exercises right and the best way to workout for your body type!

-by (27, August, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Fredericton, NB

Awesome CrossFit gym!

A great gym full of great people. Inspiring and motivational atmosphere to workout in.

-by (31, July, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Zachary, LA

Guaranteed Success

CFZ is the most complete fitness endeavor that I have ever been affiliated with. The personal coaching is the best that I have experienced. The workout is different every day, but each utilizes the basic movements to enhance one's correct form, flexibility, endurance, and strength. The connectiveness and support that athletes provide for each other is unsurpassed!!

-by (04, June, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Newberg, OR

What a great time

If your looking for a great challenge and healthy benefits to boot crossfit is the way to go!!!! Doug and Abby are great!!!! I've seen some people loose 50lbs. If you like a family enviroment Newberg Crossfit is the place to go. Go check it out for yourself and enjoy the benefits of crossfit.

-by (20, May, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Columbia, MO

So much fun!

We had a blast at the free class at 6:00 pm. Their community is fun!

-by (15, May, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Ketchum, ID

Best Gym in the Valley

Sun Valley CrossFit is by far the best place to go if you truly want to change not only your body, but your life. Alex and the other coaches helped me to start my journey towards lifelong fitness, and I look and feel great in the process.

-by (10, May, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Douglasville, GA

crossfit douglasville

Place was was spot on for a crossfit gym coaches were more then encouraging

-by (02, May, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Deptford Township, NJ


Paying $150 per month for unlimited workouts and uniquely designed workouts is great. Unfortunetly this establishment has some coaches who need to be taught how to teach. A few of the coaches are rude and quick to get annoyed at answering questions. The owner is wonderful and has an attitude that could inspire a crowd, it's unfortunate her coaches don't do the same. I stopped going after a few rude comments by coaches, and questions unanswered. I expected more direct instruction when paying such a high price, and more encouraging instructors. I switched to Washington township and love it.

-by (20, April, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Hamilton, ON

CrossFit and more

I love that I get awesome CrossFit classes and regular gym equipment, treadmills and stuff. I also like the option of having a shower too. The price is easy to get used to...

-by (18, April, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Hamilton, ON

Great team, Great Environment

I have been to many CrossFit locations this location was in my opinion the best value. Classes were great. Instructors were helpful and knowledgable. The fees were $60/ month less and there were more class options and showers!

-by (18, April, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Sanford, NC

Awesome Box

I dropped in while in the area on business. Awesome experience. The staff was welcoming and knowledgeable and the others in the box shared encouragement as if I had been there for years. I wish I could have gotten a T Shirt...they were sold out.

-by (08, March, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Courtenay, BC

Great community feel!

I've been a Titanium Crossfit member for about a year. I really enjoy the community feel, great coaching and variety in the workouts!

-by (21, February, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Destin, FL


My wife and I are EXTREMELY disappointed with Crossfit Destin. After signing a 3 month contract with Crossfit and falling in love with the workout through our crossfit training sessions we were told that the only hours they were open for classes (not the same hours as the introductory classes) were hours that did not work with our schedules. After exhausting our schedules trying to make it work we decided to move on to another workout facility that worked for us. We were sad to go, and ate the remaining costs of our 3 month contract. After balancing the budget we noticed that 6 months later we were still being charged by crossfit! When we called to talk with Kathy about the issue she was rude and offered no customer service and justified STEALING our money due to some tiny print even her billing company had difficulty finding (it took them around 15 minutes over the phone to even find it). The billing company sided with us and said that the print was really small and understood why we were upset. When we called again to point out that their billing company had a hard time finding the "cancel clause" Kathy yelled at us and said that our "measly" money wouldn't break her bank, but then still refused any sort of refund. A gym that would rather take your money is more concerned with dollar signs than your actual fitness. The Crossfit community should be ashamed!

-by (04, January, 2013)

Review for: CrossFit in Mendota Heights, MN

Best Fitness Gym in Eagan

I chose crossfit for the exercise classes and being able to work directly with the trainer. Now, after about 4 months, I find myself more fit, more healthy, more happy both physically and mentally. You cant help but have fun at the classes and they have workout times from early morning until evening. Don't be surprised when you go for your free introduction and there are not many exercise machines - the workouts vary much more than machines can give you.

-by (31, December, 2012)

Review for: CrossFit in Findlay, OH

CrossFit M2

Awesome trainers at this box. Some of the most knowledge coaches I have worked with. The trainers have great personalities and took all the time i needed to help me with my squat snatches. If your serious about CrossFit I would recommend this box to anyone within the Findlay area. They have all new rogue gear and the faculity is big and very clean. The box has tons of energy to it

-by (28, December, 2012)

Review for: CrossFit in Paso Robles, CA

Excellent CrossFit Box

Super clean, tons of space to move, great trainers that perform the moments at elite levels themselves. Definitely a box to train at or drop into!

-by (19, November, 2012)

Review for: CrossFit in Fort Atkinson, WI


best work out ever!!! Love that it is different every workout. Would not be there if it was not for the variety. Love the instructor, Brandon, very relaxed and will change up the work out if you can't do one on the list

-by (12, November, 2012)