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I went to check out at winn dixie and there was only one check out lane open. It's sunday afternoon and people are shopping getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. Would you not think that more lanes would be open. I then go to the self check out and i am told that i have to much in my cart to do the self check out, it's 20 items or less. I was very angry at this point and so were a lot of other customers. The cashier that was working on the self check out said that she as been written up 3 times for letting people check out more then 20 items, but she was kind enough to let me use it. The manager who was on duty had opened a lane and was checking some people out, but that is not the answer. You need to make sure that you have enough staff to check people out. No one should have to spend over five minutes just waiting in line. If things do not get better you will be losing a lot of customers to Walmart

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