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Reviews For Winn-Dixie Customer Service (12)

western union

I am been paying $9.00 for urgent delivery on western union to pay a bill. Today, the girl in callahan,fl charge me an extra $1.50 more. I asked her if they went up she said no. Will call Western Union about his matter. It might be $1.50 but if she is doing that to eveyone that sends one that can add up. who knows where the money is going. I will not go back to that winn dixie.

-by (Feb. 28, 2015)

Can't get the appliance I wanted from you last promotion

Tried several stores have the receipt for it also but to no avail. I would like toaster oven and not be given the run around.

-by (Feb. 16, 2015)

False advertising

I went to the Lady Lake store to purchase the Honeysickle frozen turkey breasts that were advertised in their Sunday flyer. I selected a small boneless (3lbs) from their display. It had no price tag on it so I went to the meat department to get it tagged. I was informed the sale was only for the bone in breast. Neither the display nor your advertisement mentioned bone in or boneless. Instead of costing $1.29 per pound as advertised, they wanted $11.99. The cashier in the customer service line was no help either. Someone erred in your advertising department. Both were the Honeysickle frozen turkey breasts and should have been honored.

-by (Sep. 29, 2013)

Self-checkout Employee

I visited store 1408 in New Orleans (Gentilly) if I'm not mistaken on 9/25/2013. My first time going through self-checkout, and the clerk Ms. Daisy was so patient and courtious with me. Regardless of how many times i called her she never had an attitude. I will always come back to this winn-dixie as long as she is there.

-by (Sep. 26, 2013)


I have just left my local store on Davie Road Ft Lauderdale. While in the store I wanted to buy a particular brand of milk, every carton was out of date all 12 of them, so I informed the manager he apologized and said he would speak to the person responsible. I then went to purchase natural sausage, ok my stupidity I did not look at the date, got home went to open the packet and it also was out of date by 10 days, I bought cake last week, yes you guessed out of date and stale. This is the last straw, I spend $100s in this store as it is just around the corner, NO MORE.....I am finished with this store, I will travel the extra distance to Publix

-by (May. 15, 2013)

letter to corporate...not to be posted

I am hoping that you can help me get in contact with some contractors that are doing remodeling in some of your stores. I have assisted in installing dhe "decor package" for Winn Dixie, BI LO, and Food Lion. I am just an installer looking for work. Thank You for any assistance you may show me.

-by (May. 2, 2013)

winn dixie

I am really sorry that all of the above comments are "bad". I love my store in Crawfordville, Fl.. The employees are friendly and helpful. I also love the Pharmacy.COME TO MY STORE!!

-by (Mar. 29, 2013)

dissapointed in winn-dixie

Gas card not accepted this morning after shopping at this store to utilize this program; $5 off $55 coupon no longer being offered; very dissapointed in this chain; may now go to one my employer uses, Publix.

-by (Feb. 3, 2013)

Terrible service

I went to the Sunrise store to shop and no carts wee available. I spoke to the customer service and was totally dismissed. I e-mailed the store and never got a reply

-by (Jan. 17, 2013)


On 12/31/12 (late morning/mid-afternoon) my wife and I went to the Winn Dixie store on 23rd St. in Panama City, Fl to purchase hog jawl and black eyed peas for our lucky New Year's Day meal. We've done this for our 43 years together. We had several items in our cart, including 8 cans of black eyed peas and proceded to the meat counter where we saw a man, we assumed was the butcher, stocking meat in the display. There was only bulk pieces of hog jawl and we had always gotten it sliced at other stores. My wife tried to make conversation with the man, but at first was ignored. She finaqally got his attention and asked if she could get the slaab sliced for frying. She was sharply answered by the butcher(?) by "Winn Dixie hasn't had a slicing machine in years" and pretty cool in his response. And further stated "I guess I could slice it with a knife" in a manner we felt that we were imposing on his assigned duties of restocking. I stated that we had always gotten the meat sliced at Winn Dixie and other stores. He said "that's the Winn Dixie way now". After a couple more comments we left our cart and the store without getting the meat sliced or buying anything. I wanted to stop by Publix and purchase the meal but we proceded to the Winn Dixie Store on Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach and purchased the already sliced hog jaw without any cute remarks and enjoyed our meal. We will not go back in the 23rd Store. I wonder how much business the employees at that store have lost?

-by (Jan. 6, 2013)


I went to check out at winn dixie and there was only one check out lane open. It's sunday afternoon and people are shopping getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. Would you not think that more lanes would be open. I then go to the self check out and i am told that i have to much in my cart to do the self check out, it's 20 items or less. I was very angry at this point and so were a lot of other customers. The cashier that was working on the self check out said that she as been written up 3 times for letting people check out more then 20 items, but she was kind enough to let me use it. The manager who was on duty had opened a lane and was checking some people out, but that is not the answer. You need to make sure that you have enough staff to check people out. No one should have to spend over five minutes just waiting in line. If things do not get better you will be losing a lot of customers to Walmart

-by (Nov. 18, 2012)

upset customer

i and my wife and church group will not shop your stores the winn dixie in tervaries fl its you butcher manager chris yates he was so rude to me his mouth should be washed out with soap the way he talked to me

-by (Nov. 11, 2012)