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My husband fills his prescriptions in Sandy, Utah 9400 S 700 E. Their service is the absolute worst. Every time he needs a refill, he waits no less that 20 minutes. Yesterday he sat in the drive through at the window for 15 minute and was not even acknowledged! This was for an antibiotic that was called in 1 hour prior. He came home, I called the pharmacy to verify the rx was ready and was on hold 25 minutes, I hung up! He then went back to the pharmacy 2 hours after the Rx was ordered, went inside and was told they did not have the RX, oh wait, the pharmasist had it! He waited a total of 15-20 minutes to finally the RX. We have heaard these complaints from numerous people in our area. He will be changing to another pharmacy (not another Walgreens. It is very obvious from other comments all Walgreen Pharmacies are the same.

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