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Hi, My system never worked since the time I bought it(September 2012) Today is February 1st, 2013. Springs were malfunctioning at the very first time I got the system installed by your team. In 4 months, finally, I received only one spring. I needed three of them. In one month I got the rest of them.The team came, installed it, did not leave any info and left. The system is not working. I just got a message that a pin was not working and has to be oredered. What shoul be done? I spent money for the system, $1600, Extended coverage plan, $150. $100 for the system's delivery, $300 for the syster installation and the bascketball court I built costed me $10,000. And, my sons still can not play basketball. So, I spent $12,000 without being able to appreciate my investement. Is someone going to compensate my monetary/moral loss? Is someone going to improve the service I paid for? Without any respect, Yuri Korshkov.

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