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Phone Number:1 (888) 801-9164

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Score 1.8
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water resistant backpack

I just bought a trailer I thought w/ water resistant back pack. I was interested in trailer I do not want back pack.

-by (Sep. 3, 2015)

Exchange easy

Called customer service and exchange for a new size was very simple.

-by (Apr. 10, 2015)

golf clubs

All the clubs at your McAllen TX store are zip tied so the customer cannot pick them up and lookand feel them. Peope do not buy clubs if they cannot touch and feel them. No sales people were arround so I let the store and went to a competitor to look at clubs.

-by (Nov. 13, 2014)


After my experience in the Chicago store and now with the customer service I am very disappointed with Sports Authrority. Makes me want to shop elsewhere.

-by (Oct. 30, 2014)

Misinformation on automated system

Update the automated system with the correct store locator information.

-by (Apr. 25, 2014)

bad managers

In Massachusetts Managers are hung over.

-by (Mar. 27, 2013)

Mammoth basketball system

Hi, My system never worked since the time I bought it(September 2012) Today is February 1st, 2013. Springs were malfunctioning at the very first time I got the system installed by your team. In 4 months, finally, I received only one spring. I needed three of them. In one month I got the rest of them.The team came, installed it, did not leave any info and left. The system is not working. I just got a message that a pin was not working and has to be oredered. What shoul be done? I spent money for the system, $1600, Extended coverage plan, $150. $100 for the system's delivery, $300 for the syster installation and the bascketball court I built costed me $10,000. And, my sons still can not play basketball. So, I spent $12,000 without being able to appreciate my investement. Is someone going to compensate my monetary/moral loss? Is someone going to improve the service I paid for? Without any respect, Yuri Korshkov.

-by (Feb. 2, 2013)

30 minutes inside the store and no customer service

I walked in the Melbourne Sports Authority store just after 530pm and went directly to where they store the ammunition. There wasn't a sales person behind the counter, or even a person to ask for help. As I was walking out the store I saw my first sales associate who didn't offer any help. I was in the store 30 minutes. I have lived in this area almost 10 years and this has always been the level of service I have always seen at this store.Total different from what I was use to from Sports Authority in south Florida. I ended up driving across the street to Dicks sporting goods at the Melbourne Square Mall got my ammunition. Was in and out of store in 10 minutes

-by (Dec. 25, 2012)