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store location is at odessa, tx on parkway. the so called manager, collean was very rude and argumentative today over some socks i was going to purchase. i was not aware of their policy to "not open the package" and when she saw me looking at the socks inside the package she yelled across the store at me getting everybodies attention. quite embarrassing. and as if once was not enough she just kept repeating herself. when i finally told her to chill she tried to take the socs out of my hand and told me she didn't need my business and for me to leave. you don't ever tell customers that. then at the cashier station I asked for the corp number and she said she "didn't have it" and i would have to look it up on line. why do people have to be so rude these days. I agree with the others on the rating for this store...big fat ZERO. I won't be going back to that trash place with low life employees

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