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I went to the Michaels store in Gaithersburg, Md on Saturday 10-20 to buy beads that were marked 40% off. When I went to the register I saw coupons for an additional 20% off total bill regardless if it was on sale or not but the sale didn't start til Sunday. I told the clerk I would come back for the items to save more money. I came back on Sunday picked up more beads and a tackle storage box, the beads now are 50% off so I actually bought alot more. I went to the register and they would not take the 20% coupon since in small print that I didn't see since I wasn't wearing my reading glasses says it starts today after 4pm. I asked if she could hold them for me and she told me she would and asked me for my name. I went back after 4pm and my package was no where to be found, I'm upset that they didn't do what they told me they would do I had to try and find all the same items all over again and was not able to. So I left there with only some of the items I originally had. Needless to say I am not a very happy customer.

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