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Can find every thing for every type of craft,bit costly , but when on sale can collect so many good deals,so I enjoy to go there same my girls.

-by (Aug. 15, 2014)

Beaverton OR

I love Michael's! I can always find what I'm looking for here versus other craft stores. I purchase yarn elsewhere because Michael's tends to be at least a dollar or more for the same yarn. As far as any other craft item-it's Michael's.

-by (Jan. 6, 2014)

stuck with junk

I bought a string of lights that did not work but had lost receipt and they wont give me store credit...they don't work!!! im beyond pissed. every other decent store out there would atleast give me my money back seeing as they are junk. never going back

-by (Nov. 29, 2013)

change of stocked items

Hello I love my local Michales store on Williston Rd. In Vermont. But I want to let your buyer know to please change the crochet hooks you are currently selling by Boye, they are the worst hooks I've ever used the hook section is to small the yarn always slips the tip or top of the head is to big. Please return all these hooks to Boye. Please replace them with hooks by Susan Bates... I give crochet lessons and these Boye hooks cause beginers and advid crochetrs nothing but stress and headaches. I've even had a lady drop out thinking it was her though I tried to explain it's the hook she's using we had to go to 4 stores before finding the good ones. so we would greatly appreciate you changing to the hooks by Susan Bates..

-by (Oct. 18, 2013)

Total disrespect to me and my Mothers memory

I lost my mother unexpectedly in November. She was my world and my life will never be the same. I made the HUGE mistake of trusting Michaels in Snellville, Ga. with some irreplaceable items of my mothers. I took some of her photos from her younger years, funeral program, dried flowers from funeral service and a picture that was taken of my mother 10 days before she passed to this location. Not only did they misplace the items (for a while) they had the items in there store for almost a month and had not even started working on the shadow box I spent well over an hour working on the lay out. The attitude of the store personnel was so nonchalant that it was very disturbing to me. I feel like they totally disrespected me and my mother’s memory. I am beyond disgusted with Michaels and will NEVER do business with them again. Words cannot express how disgusted I am.

-by (Mar. 29, 2013)

Gaithersburg md store didn't hold my items like they said they would

I went to the Michaels store in Gaithersburg, Md on Saturday 10-20 to buy beads that were marked 40% off. When I went to the register I saw coupons for an additional 20% off total bill regardless if it was on sale or not but the sale didn't start til Sunday. I told the clerk I would come back for the items to save more money. I came back on Sunday picked up more beads and a tackle storage box, the beads now are 50% off so I actually bought alot more. I went to the register and they would not take the 20% coupon since in small print that I didn't see since I wasn't wearing my reading glasses says it starts today after 4pm. I asked if she could hold them for me and she told me she would and asked me for my name. I went back after 4pm and my package was no where to be found, I'm upset that they didn't do what they told me they would do I had to try and find all the same items all over again and was not able to. So I left there with only some of the items I originally had. Needless to say I am not a very happy customer.

-by (Oct. 22, 2012)

Sale items

I went into the Joplin store, spending a hour shopping and loading my basket. When I went to check out, I was told that some the items that had tags on the aisles marking on sale, weren't suppose to be on sale. "Sorry"about that"! I told them the sign was there, still no can do. I left my entire cart, which I might add was full, at the check-out counter. I had always understood that if there was a mark down sign, it had o be honored. I will NOT be going back. I might add I usually spend from $200 to $400 a month at Hobby Lobby.

Thank you for letting express my frustration.

-by (Oct. 7, 2012)