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I purchased a eGift Card and put in the recipient email address. Was told the email would be sent in a few hours after processing. 5 days later still no email eGift Card received. Called CS and was told the email with eGift Card was sent to my address. Flawed system. Strange thing is my sister had the exact same problem just a few days earlier. No email received at recipient email or my email! I did receive confirmation regarding my order. And a ton of sale emails!! CS asked me over four times to check my inbox and insisted that it was sent to me. I don't understand why they just can't resend the eGift card to me if that was the case. It was not received!! I was put on hold for several minutes for something that should be so simple a fix. I have read a dozen reviews and all have been negative for for this place. I don't have any kids but I guarantee when I do I won't be registering here or shopping here ever!! Another potential customer lost!

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