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Terrible service

Babies R Us has horrible customer service. Each time I've called them, I'm told I will receive follow-up in 3 to 5 days. The problem is nobody ever follows up. It's like the movie ground hog day! I have not been able to speak with a Manager or someone empowered to resolve my seemingly uncomplicated issues because they disconnect me when transferring me. Will not be shopping there again based on our experience. They have not honoured the baby registry promotion we signed on for, and I am not sure how to get them to respond! Anyone with kids knows how difficult it is to find time to deal with this kind of crappy service. Stay away.

-by (Oct. 23, 2014)

Poor Service

I placed an order in store off my sisters registry and paid in store. I received an email two days later saying my order had been terminated due to non payment. I contacted the store and they told me it had nothing to do with them because I asked for an item to be shipped so that was a corporate problem. I called corporate and they said they were never paid even though I had a receipt saying I paid. I had to call my bank who said they were paid and would give me back temporary credit. But, my bank reversed the credit because Babies R Us under investigation said they fixed the problem and sent out the package. Package was never resent and Babies R Us has no knowledge of anything. Go figure

-by (Jul. 9, 2014)

baby registry

Web site terrible!!!!! Will not use again. Most moms to be are registered at more than one place.

-by (May. 15, 2013)

never again

I just placed a new order online and thought the 15% with a new credit card would be applied automatically since that what customer service told me and I was wrong. Once I placed the order they were unable to honor the code. It took their customer service 45 min to figure this out and transferred me 5x. Eventually she said I have to go to the store with the receipt to ge the discount. Really? I'm 8+mo pregnant and now I have to drive 1/2 to get 15% off. I'm going to avoid them at all costs during the next few years. They are overpriced anyways.

-by (Apr. 9, 2013)

Terrible problems with Service at Babies R Us

We would like to warn others to avoid at all costs the company Babies'R Us. We placed an order for shipment across country to a baby shower for a relative and they had nearly two weeks to get it done. Days after placing the order, we checked in and they hadn't even shipped it. Worse, no customer service person could or would change the shipping to two or three day. They couldn't even cancel the order! Terrible customer service.

-by (Jan. 15, 2013)

Awful Customer Service

Worst customer service ever! I went in this store with a coupon that Babies R Us sent me that said I got $20 R Us money through my rewards card. Long story short the coupon was only ringing up as $3 off and even though it clearly said $20 they would not honor it. They made me get on the phone with corporate and they still would not honor the coupon that THEY SENT ME. Super inconvenient especially with a seven month old in tow. Why couldn't they just say, "you're right, the coupon does say $20, here you go we'll override this." They will never get another dollar of my money especially when a brand new Buy Buy Baby just opened in town and is FAR more superior in every way.

-by (Dec. 29, 2012)

Out of $50

I am so glad I found this, I would like to echo the above review. I put money on my friend's "VIB" card on Baby's R US's website. It was the first thing that came up on her registry. But that is Baby's R US's thing - not HERs. She never signed up for it and never received the $50 electronically or in the mail. I am currently on my 38th minute on hold. I keep getting customer service representatives who say, "we do not handle that department, but I can transfer you to a specialist who does." This has happened 3 times in this call. The last lady said that the other reps must be "putting my call back in the queue, but she is is not going to do that - she is going to send me to the right place." And here I am am listening to the same elevator music. Just be warned if you are registering with Baby's R Us, that you might have "VIB" funds that have been added to your account by guests.

-by (Dec. 15, 2012)

Terrible Experience with CS

I purchased a eGift Card and put in the recipient email address. Was told the email would be sent in a few hours after processing. 5 days later still no email eGift Card received. Called CS and was told the email with eGift Card was sent to my address. Flawed system. Strange thing is my sister had the exact same problem just a few days earlier. No email received at recipient email or my email! I did receive confirmation regarding my order. And a ton of sale emails!! CS asked me over four times to check my inbox and insisted that it was sent to me. I don't understand why they just can't resend the eGift card to me if that was the case. It was not received!! I was put on hold for several minutes for something that should be so simple a fix. I have read a dozen reviews and all have been negative for for this place. I don't have any kids but I guarantee when I do I won't be registering here or shopping here ever!! Another potential customer lost!

-by (Dec. 11, 2012)