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2517 Santa Barbara Unit 10,
Cape Coral FL 33914 Phone Number: (239) 242-8458
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Verizon - Cape Coral has 1 reviews

Bad service

Came into the store a couple days ago. Wanted to pay my bill and get the military spec phone for my husband. I have a toddler so it's hard to keep him entertained in a Store. There were three salespeople working. They all had customers. I sat down and waited and waited. But it wasn't the wait that was upsetting. It was the fact that not one of them even looked up and said..hi I'll be right with you. How are you?... Nothing. So one of the three finishes with his customer and goes to the back room. Still nothing said to me..,.will be right with you. Thanks for waiting...nothing.. I few more minutes go by and I see him just standing in the doorway of the back room. I finally ask "can you help me" long story short I did not buy any phone from this store. Just wanted to pay my and take my son home at this point. And the salesman let know me he didn't have change, and that it was an extra dollar to pay cash. Nice final touch buddy!! Won't be back don't worry

-by (20, December, 2012)