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Review for: Green Dot MoneyPak in San Diego, CA

great idea

Green Dot card is a great idea...i dont have to give cash and worry about where it is going...I can track it, not over spend and beyond that what amazing customer service, this company has the greatest of all qualities to sell a good brand name...

-by (23, December, 2013)

Review for: Green Dot MoneyPak in Fortuna, CA

what all do you sell. I've heard there was going to be a store that will be selling the "go green"smokeless electric cigarette.I havnt smoked since Dec 2010 thanks to those

I have no review or comments yet since im not sure if they have what im looking for. If however they do have the gogreen electric cigarettes at a good price my review will certainly be posted with high compliments

-by (29, November, 2013)

Review for: Green Dot MoneyPak in Mobile, AL


There are people on facebook using gren dot to steal people money one of the people is antione hightower and london jones they are giving your company a bad name they're claiming to work for you guys if I don't get a response from you guys I will report your company to the local tv stations thank you

-by (03, September, 2013)

Review for: Green Dot MoneyPak in Fresno, CA


Basically I am a future college student and I was trusting this person to somehow up my money. I was too dumb to be used for 200 dollars. Now I am frantically mad and sad that I lost that money. I recently called GreenDot and they said they would file a police report and help me receive my funds back. I have just finished talking to the company and I need help.

-by (11, June, 2013)