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Review for: ECCO in Glendale, CA

Return policy not match the receipt

Stated return policy on receipt does not match with actual policy.

Back of the shoes for this brand bite into the heel. This does not feel bad until worn for a few hours, after which it becomes unbearable. And then the 30 day return policy on the receipt is actually only an exchange policy.

-by (06, June, 2013)

Review for: ECCO in Eugene, OR

Former Student

-4 star rating Most students participate in unwise activities.

The teachers are highly suspicious.

-by (30, April, 2013)

Review for: ECCO in Skokie, IL

Customer Service

I had the most amazing experience with the sales person. He was very helpful and understanding about my foot issues and helped me exchange a shoe that did not work for a new pair which is absolutely awesome.

Thank you!

-by (12, December, 2012)