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Review for: Capital One in Magnolia, TX

Excellent Service

Capital One is a wonderful financial institution with a great variety of products. The staff was very friendly, welcoming and knowledgable. I would refer anyone needing a loan, investment product, credit card, bank account or any other financial service to them. Thank you for your kindness!

-by (04, March, 2015)

Review for: Capital One in Garland, TX

Fabulous bank!!!

If you are looking for a Great Bank, who cares, has great customer service, and loads of fabulous banking and credit products, look no further. I have banked with Capital One for over 7 years...not a problem one, not a single one!

-by (31, January, 2015)

Review for: Capital One in Ocean City, MD

Only Captial One location in Ocean

I'm thrilled that Capital One has finally come to Ocean City, however here's what you need to know. This is essentially a ‘Money Mover,’ and while you can grab cash on the fly, check your balance, you cannot make a deposit! It sits at the extreme end of the shopping center, is open to the elements and one does not have a reassuring sense of security while standing out in the open alone. With all the banks being built in and around this location, the question is..."When will Capital One be one of them?"

-by (02, November, 2013)

Review for: Capital One in Bay City, TX


I have been a customer of this branch for a few years now, and I must admit that they are wonderful! They are open 7 days a week and are eager to help with any questions. 24/7 phone tellers, online services, the whole 9 yards. I love my bank!

-by (16, June, 2013)