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Review for: Acme Market in Audubon, NJ


They have the best cakes. Sandy does a great job and they are very courteous and helpful.

-by (14, July, 2014)

Review for: Acme Market in Media, PA

To anonymous

Really? Chicken on top of ice cream means they don't care about your health? I would think that's quite the opposite as they would be trying to keep your chicken cold. The outside of your ice cream package isn't a threat to you unless you're licking it, and who knows with you.

I'm sorry you thought the cashier was hot and he didn't pay you any attention. Maybe your ugliness inside shows on the outside.

-Annoyed in Denver, CO

-by (24, June, 2013)

Review for: Acme Market in Cape May Court House, NJ

Amazed by customer service

I went to your store today and had several encounters with different employees and I must say they were all so nice I might just shop your store more often. Starting with the two young men gathering carts going out of their way to offer me help to the checker also a young man and I can't forget the lady named Debbie that haloed me with a bakery issue and last Jennifer who happily helped me . Honestly I think acme prices are high but with a staff like you had today it's worth spending a little more. The people at your store this afternoon 4 ish should be recognized

-by (21, June, 2013)

Review for: Acme Market in Downingtown, PA


I saw a article on shrimp from China,Korea & Indonesia on 20/20 about shrimp being raised with antibiotics & every time I checkout at Acme the receipt says Indonesia for shrimp. Please clear this up because all of this water in America, I hope that's where these shrimps are coming from.

-by (21, May, 2013)

Review for: Acme Market in Browns Mills, NJ

Stock@Browns Mills Acme

Have not seen frozen limeade in months. You are also usually out of frozen lemonade. Now you are out of Tang. Do you stock based upon the personal preferences of the person ordering the shelf items or based upon a more rational method?

-by (20, March, 2013)

Review for: Acme Market in Media, PA

Very poor service, poor quality, high price, slow,

What repels me from this particular ACME is the very slow and inefficient cashier service and poor quality products. I avoid this store location and rather drive a little further. Last time I HAD to go there UNFORTUNATELY, a rude male cashier took forever to chitchat with the person ahead of me and when my turn came he put chicken meat packages on top of a box of ice cream all in the same bag! UNSANITARY and shows they don't care aa bit about their customers health. Also if you don't bring the store card they make a BIG fuss about facilitating a store card for discounts when other stores make the transactions easy like the rest of the world. Just better to avoid.

-by (27, February, 2013)