IHOP Marietta GA

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1 Review
2390 Dallas Highway Sw,
Marietta GA 30064-2750 Phone Number: (770) 485-1267
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IHOP - Marietta has 1 reviews

Totally Unsanitary

I went to the IHOP in Marietta to get four meals and the waitresses were fighting amongst each other for tips so bad that they put items in customers food out of spite. I got my entrees, went home and opened up the container and there sit a long ass hair in my tray with another order short of what I paid for. So I returned the entrees and gave my greivance to the waitress, as the store manager or any manager for that matter, apparently doesn't work in the store all the time. I was pissed, but I had them remake the items against my better judgement, just in case this was a ask you accident. However, I was deplored as I got home and found nasty ass pubic hair in my food!!!!! So I ask you, Do you know what IHOP is doing to your food? The district manager has tried to cover this incident up; however I having had the hairs tested against the employees or to see if the nasty place is just totally unsanitary. Oh, I mustn't forget this incident was reported.

-by (27, November, 2012)