Hannaford Supermarket Albany NY

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Hannaford Supermarket

2 Reviews
900 Central Ave.,
Albany NY 12206 Phone Number: (518) 438-7296
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Hannaford Supermarket - Albany has 2 reviews


Hannafords the most reliable. It's a one stop n shop kinda deal. I really enjoy their selections and can really appreciate their products looong shelf life. I also can appreciate their strong advertising campaigns that promote healthy eating. Like fish! -trace amounts of mercury and radiation are essentially harmless! I also trust their genetically modified fruits and vegetables. And theres nothing better than subscribing to the purchase of those cheap foreign toys my children love finding as if they're just waiting there for them in the cereal aisles. When I shop at Hannafords I feel patriotic and American. Which is why I trust Hannaford 's vehement support of the macro industrial processes of this beautiful nation. God bless America!

-by (27, August, 2014)

I liked the old store better.

I have shopped at Hannaford since it opened. I liked the personal service and the quality of the vegetables and fish. The veggies are okay, but the fish is just ordinary. And the reorganization makes it harder to find things. Hannaford has lost its special touch. You might as well go to Price Chopper or Shoprite.

-by (25, February, 2013)