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After reading above and not seeing one good review I am ready to say see ya to cricket. I was hoping that I woukd get on here and see good reviews to say hey today was just a fluke. But nope . Right here reading all ur post shows they don't care about customer service. I went into a store this morning asking about 1 phone she said no I don't have them at this store. I said oh ok do u know what sore has them she rolled her eyes when to the desk and said the location of a store. I go there to be told no one sells that phone anymore try a corporate office store. Can u call them for me I asked and she said no I don't know who would have it. So on way home stop into a 3rd store who also refused to call other stores for me and when u call customer service to complain u get no one to answer. Well u don't want to help me then I don't want u having my money. Save ur self the hastle . And go with another company who will respect u as a customer

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