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I have to tell you that tonight marked the last night that I will ever visit your restaurant again. What should have been a very special night for my son, who was celebrating his 21st birthday, and my daughter, who is enlisted in the Army and leaving for Germany tomorrow, was totally ruined by your staff. I arrived early with 3 other guests to your restaurant, and immediately spoke to the hostess, and then the manager. I informed them that it was my son's 21st birthday, and that my daughter, who in enlisted, would be leaving for Germany the next day. I asked them to please bring my son a piece of cake, and sing Happy Birthday to him. I also asked if they could do something similar for my daughter, but with a military flare since she is leaving for a 2 year tour in Germany. I was told that would be no problem. Not only did none of this happen, we were given the WORST WAITER in the history of waiters. We had to actually ask the waiter to please remove some of the dishe, and used napkins from the table. I was given the check without them ever singing happy birthday to my son, or making any mention for my daughter as requested. The waiter never, EVER returned to our table, and after waiting 20 minutes for the manager to appear, I finally got them to sing for my son, but they never did anything for my daughter. We then had to wait almost 20 minutes for the check, and it was bought to us by a waiter that I have never seen once the entire evening. For the very first time in my adult life, I did not leave a tip. I am infuriated that I was FORCED TO LEAVE A TIP in the amount of 24. 63. A tip should be a reflection your satisfaction with your server, AND I WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING SATISFIED. I understand that when there is a table of 8 it is customary for a tip to be added, but in this case it should never have been added. I have been eating at your establishment for as long as I can remember, but this is the end of that. This was an evening that I cannot get back, and it was ruined. I could have chosen any number of restaurants, but I chose your, and it was a disaster. This evening was so important to us because we are separated after losing our home to Sandy, and our daughter leaving to serve in the military over seas. I will tell any one with a pair of ears to never eat at Friday's again.

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