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We had a gift card so we decided to swing by for a quick bite to eat. We sat at a table in the bar and we waited and waited for someone to greet us. finally after sitting for about 10 minutes we were greeted. She was pleasant but not apologetic for the wait what so ever. She took our drink orders then didn't come back for a while. Once she finally dropped of the drinks she took our food order and from there we never spoke to her again..until my husband had to go the bar rail to request the check at the end of the meal. I'm sure my drink wasn't important because I didn't get an alcoholic beverage but I NEVER got a refill. And then we ordered a burger and app for our meals but she just ASSUMED we wanted the one since it was in the app category first. So...we ended up sharing because we were starving. finally when the burger did come out it was the wrong one!! I had to hunt down someone to even acknowledge us (food runner) and she said she could bring out a side of the Jack daniels sauce. (So... wrong cheese, no bacon, and no sauce?? and that's what we were offered?) By this time my husband was just tired of being there and didn't want me to try to get another one made, so he just ate that one. When we finally got the bill we waited for a long while to even get her to come back and run the card. I told her at this time we never got what we ordered so she had the manager come speak with us. I was a bartender for 6 years. I am patient and understanding and I realize that we were not the only customer but really? Not even a refill? We will not be back. We'll stick with local well staffed places.

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