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The store located @ 1036 Mission Avenue, Oceanside CA 92054 has serious food safety, fire safety, and hazards throughout its store. I was injured 04-01-13 and feel this was not an isolated incident.. Many customers frequent this store and are in the poverty level. The food is not taken care of, placed on the floors, not refrigerated properly. A piece of metal fell on my leg from a refrigeration unit, gashing my ankle and bruising from my calf down. The metal was 4 ft X 2.5 ft approximately and was heavy. The condensers behind this were fire hazards and filthy. The people working there acted like they did not care and at first offerred me only a bandaid, then outside the store said they could give me an alcohol swab. I had milk, etc. and only wanted to get home as I was in much pain and my leg swelling. This store is not safe, clean or managed properly. My intentions are to see that no one else is injured or buys spoiled food.

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