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I check the GNC website almost everyday for the deal of the day sales. Finally I saw a great deal. Print out the coupon and went to the store to purchase my product. The person working there said that they didn't carry that product but he would be able to order it and send it to my house with no shipping fee. I thought this was a awesome deal. Days pass by and still nothing had arrived. I called GNC customer service and a female answered told me that the product I wanted was out of stock. She also said I was getting a refund. I assume since I payed with my credit card I would get it back into my card. Again days pass by and still no money. I called again the customer number and a guy told me that whoever answered the first time didn't verify my address so they could send me a the check. He verified my address and said I would get it in 7 to 10 days. Two weeks pass by and no check! I called customer service and they said that they didn't see any check being send out to me and that he was going to redo it. I'm so frustrated how GNC has dealt with this issue. They have lost a customer for life.

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