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I recently purchased glasses from the visiionworks on blue diamond in las Vegas, nevada. Heather specifically was amazing....spent a lot of time helping me understand glasses and my visual needs which as I have gotten older becomes increasingly glasses since 14 months old, two eye surgeries, hard contacts as teen then to gas perms when they came out and then soft needing different things for different distances etc...this getting old is hard...but she worked with me to a wonderful and affordable (I have no insurance) to function at work visually...(I think they work was wondering what to do with me..couldn't see). I cannot say enough good things about her..also Barbara the manager did everything she could to help me as well....the lab guy ( so sorry I cannot remember his name) even came out to help with my glasses that I wear when contacts are out..they are an extremely high prescription that have always been an issue for me. Then lastly the wonderfully nice gentleman who not only works the sales floor but helps in the lab ( again I have lost his name) spent the extra time to get my computer glasses working for me in time for work...tremendous group of employees at this blue diamond store in las Vegas...thank you for helping me with a frustrating vision situation. Did not work with optometrists as I already had glasses prescription from my doctor so can't comment on them just the optical group

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