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Just had my second disappointing visit to Peets. I was excited when I saw they were opening across the street (Monroe and Dearborn). went to get a bowl of oatmeal yesterday. Got there at 1015 -No Oatmeal It is not served after 10 --no matter what. Ok I guess I understand that because We want the oatmeal to be fresh and there is a sign. So I gave it another chance today at 0830--No Oatmeal. When exactly does Peets serve Oatmeal (between 0945 and 1000)?

If this is how Peets is going to operate here I guess I will just go to Starbucks. They always seem to have Oatmeal in the AM (in the afternoon and evening too). Maybe Peets Oatmeal is fresher and better, but I can't plan my life around the small window of opprtunity when it just might be available.

If this is a store issue let me know by email when you fix it.

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